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Canine Parvovirus Rapid Test

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Canine Parvovirus Rapid Test

  1. 1. ubio quickVet RaPId canine Parvovirusantigen lateral Flow Immuno-assay ubio Biotechnology systems Pvt. ltd. Ph: +91-484-2532966, +91-9446438678 web: http://www.ubio.in email: contact@ubio.inubio quickVet canine Parvovirus antigen Rapid test Kit is a qualitative immunochromatographic assayfor the detection of Parvovirus cPV2 antigen in faeces in just 5-10 minutes.PaRVoVIRus cPV2cPV2, is a virus that attacks and destroys cells in lymph nodes, intestinal crypts and bone marrow. In-fected dogs excrete the virus along with faeces. dogs are infected by oral contact with infected material.the virus causes inflammation of intestines in adult dogs with occasional mortality and fatal cardiac ar-rests in pups. Infected dogs show symptoms within 5-10 days.the major clinical features of the disease are sudden persistant vomiting, refusal to eat or drink, lethargy,fever, watery diaorrhea with blood, rapid dehydration and weight loss. untreated animal dies within 48-72 hours, mainly due to dehydration, secondary infections and endotoxemia.cPV2 infection is not transmissible to humans.assay oVeRVIewubio quickVet canine Parvovirus antigen Rapid test is a lateral flowassay designed so that even a technician with limited expertise canperform the test easily. the veterinarian or the technician collectsa sample of faeces using the swab provided with the test. the swabis inserted into the assay diluent vial and agitated so that the sampleis extracted into the diluent. three drops of this diluent is thenadded to the sample hole on the test card using the dropper pro-vided with the test.the results can be read in just 5-10 minutes - the control line,marked c, should be always appear if the test procedure is per-formed properly and the test reagents are working. a red test line,marked t, will be visible if canine Parvovirus cPV2 antigen is pres-ent in faeces. Positive, Negative andthe test detects cPV2, cPV2a, cPV2b and cPV2c variants of the Invalid Resultsvirus.assay comPoNeNts aNd PRINcIPleubio quickVet RaPId canine Parvovirus antigen lateral Flow Immuno-assay is a sandwich assay thatconsists of the following components: • sample pad an absorbent pad onto which the test sample is applied. • conjugate pad this pad contains cPV2 antibody conjugated to red-coloured colloidal gold coloured parti- cles. doc No. RdtB000003, Revision 1.01, dtd 03 January 2011. a printed copy of the document is uncontrolled
  2. 2. • Reaction membrane a hydrophobic nitrocellulose membrane through which the test sample can flow. • capture/test zone an area on the reaction membrane onto which cPV2 antibody is immobilized in a line. • control zone an area on the reaction membrane onto which cPV2 antigen is immobilized in a line. • wick or waste reservoir an absorbent pad designed to draw the sample across the reaction membrane by capillary action and collect it.these components are fixed on an inert plastic backing ma-terial mounted inside a plastic cassette with properly sized assay PaRameteRsports for adding the sample and for reading the result. thesample addition port is aligned along the top of the samplepad and the result port is aligned along the reaction mem- Sensitivitybrane showing the test and capture zones.the sample that is added to the sample port migrates from 98.5%the sample pad along the conjugate pad where any cPV2antigen present in the sample will bind to the conjugated Specificityantibody. the sample then continues to migrate across themembrane until it reaches the capture zone where the anti- 98.0%gen-conjugate complex will bind to the immobilised cPV2antibody producing a visible line on the membrane. If cPV2 data based on comparison withantigen is not present in the sample, no reaction occurs in industry-standard elIsa tests. Positivethe capture zone and no test line is formed. the sample result confirms diagnosis, but negativethen migrates further along the strip until it reaches the result does not exclude parvovirosis ascontrol zone, where excess antibody conjugate will bind to virus excretion in the faeces is intensethe immobilized cPV2 antigen and produce a second visi- but short. False positives may occur ifble line on the membrane. this control line indicates that the test is performed within 12 days ofthe sample has migrated across the membrane as intended. vaccination. doc No. RdtB000003, Revision 1.01, dtd 03 January 2011. a printed copy of the document is uncontrolled