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Online Speaking
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An Expert Speaker will grow their business fast
We live in an age of online technology that...
www.discoveryourvoiceexecutive.co.uk www.theexpertspe...
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  1. 1. Online Speaking Speech details An Expert Speaker will grow their business fast We live in an age of online technology that gives you opportunities to really engage with  clients in a way never before known.  Yet women in business are still terrified of speaking in public and need to understand the  system that allows them to think differently about speaking to future clients.    A change of mindset will allow business women to speak with confidence, understand that it is  not about them and make friends with your inner voice.  Clarity will allow you to really know your stuff use the right language and know who you are  talking to.  Getting Clients through setting up the right systems, knowing your call to action and getting  them booked into your diary.  I share how women in business can manage the 3 C's and become an expert speaker for their  business.   Business Details Discover your Voice with Bev Hepting Phone - 01392 581 714 Email - ​bev@bevhepting.co.uk Skype - bev.hepting Facebook - ​https://www.facebook.com/wanttobecomeabetterspeaker/ Twitter - #bevhepting Linkedin - ​https://uk.linkedin.com/in/bevhepting    1
  2. 2. Websites www.bevhepting.co.uk www.discoveryourvoice.bevhepting.co.uk www.discoveryourvoiceexecutive.co.uk www.theexpertspeaker.co.uk www.60secbusinesspitch.co.uk Podcast http://discoveryourvoicewithbevhepting.podbean.com/ Terms Regardless of payment terms, either party cannot package and sell any work done on behalf or in partnership, without written consent. Each party is to be notified if recording is used on individual websites. Speaker profile Bev is known as an authority in Public Speaking. Bev trained as an actress, worked on Television and live on stage, and taught adults and children in voice and speech. Bev has combined her skills with an understanding of the mind-set of those terrified of speaking in public and gained ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner’ qualification to help women in business understand the need to move past the fear and discover their own unique voice. With a wicked sense of humour, and the ability to see right to the problem, Bev speaks about using the voice to grow your business and to incorporate into your branding. A toastmaster competition winner and coach to winners, Bev has a unique way of engaging an audience and bringing simple remedies to difficult problems. 2