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How to Develop a Winning Business Podcast

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More than 50 million Americans have listened to a podcast in the last month. Businesses are jumping on the podcasting bandwagon as an effective form of content marketing.

In this presentation, Bernie Borges, host of the Social Business Engine podcast, steps through the winning elements of planning and launching a winning business podcast.

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How to Develop a Winning Business Podcast

  1. 1. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit How-To Build Transformational Organization-Wide Marketing Bernie Borges
  2. 2. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit Topics What is a Podcast? Why Podcast? Podcast Strategy and Format Tools/Gear Logistics Promotion Measurement
  3. 3. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit WHAT IS A PODCAST?
  4. 4. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit On demand audio content Subscribable through RSS feed Accessible through:
  5. 5. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit WHYPODCAST
  6. 6. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit Part of your content marketing mix
  7. 7. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit Easy for people to consume on the go
  8. 8. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit of Americans have listened to a podcast at least once 33% of Americans listened in the last month 17% http://www.edisonresearch.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/The-Podcast-Consumer-2015-Final.pdf
  9. 9. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit Podcast listeners more likely to follow brands
  10. 10. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit Thought leadership Brand building Lead generation Launch a new initiative GOALS
  11. 11. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit People listen to niche content Focused in the moment Intimate, 1 to 1 commitment A private chat with your listeners (external or internal)
  12. 12. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit Blog posts Show notes SlideShare Images RE-PURPOSE
  13. 13. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit IMAGES
  14. 14. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit Think beyond downloads Track CTA click throughs Develop a purchase path Drive traffic Compare to other sources of traffic Any download you can measure Drive sales via unique URLs Evergreen content DRIVE CONVERSIONS
  15. 15. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit PODCAST STRATEGY FORMATS
  16. 16. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit DETERMINE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE
  17. 17. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit CHOOSE A TOPIC THAT ENGAGES THEM
  18. 18. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit SHOW FORMAT
  19. 19. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit One guest – 20-30 minutes Panel format – 45-50 minutes 2-Person co-host format Solo format INTERVIEW FORMAT
  20. 20. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit Branding Planning Calendar Production Promotion Measurement PODCASTING BEST PRACTICES
  21. 21. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit Show title Show description Artwork Show hashtag Social media header images Dedicated website BRANDING
  22. 22. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit Online Marketing Made Easy Amy Porterfield Social Media Marketing Mike Stelzner Social Pros Jay Baer PNR: This Old Marketing Pulizzi & Rose Social Business Engine Bernie Borges PODCAST EXAMPLES
  23. 23. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit TOOLS/ GEAR
  24. 24. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit Record through a smartphone and an app Boss Jock Studio (iOS) = $10 Spreaker Studio (Android) starts at $15/month Microphone $60 to $500 Noise canceling headphones Editing software Skype or Blab RECORDING DEVICES
  25. 25. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit Camtasia (Mac/Windows) - $99 Audacity (Mac/Windows) - Free Garageband (Mac) - Free Audio Hijack (Mac) - $49 Camtasia Screenshot (Flickr) EDITING
  26. 26. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit LOGISTICS
  27. 27. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit Google Drive Trell o Teamwork Each episode requires advanced planning Conduct research before you record Prepare guest bios Intro & Outro Ad Spots Never rush a podcast PLANNING
  28. 28. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit Record at least 3 episodes Pre-announce it Promote it on social media Giveaway  Landing page LAUNCH
  29. 29. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit Weekly Some monthly Stick to a schedule Tools: e.g., ScheduleOnce Frequency SCHEDULING
  30. 30. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit Quiet room Silence your phone Turn off notifications Prepare your guest AUDIO QUALITY
  31. 31. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit Blubrry Libsyn Spreaker SoundCloud Buzzsprout Pushed to iTunes & Stitcher MP3 File Type Transcription Tools, e.g., Rev.com PODCAST HOSTING
  32. 32. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit PROMOTION
  33. 33. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit Traditional SEO practices Rich and helpful content Include keyword in title Make headlines relevant Add a transcript for each episode Distribute through all social media Custom image for each episode Use short links Mix up posts across social networks Email weekly updates/ newsletter Ask for reviews
  34. 34. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit
  35. 35. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit #sbeshow @ mentions Comments & Shares Listicles iTunes reviews MONITOR FEEDBACK
  36. 36. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit MEASUREMENT
  37. 37. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit Intro Outro Commercial message or sponsor spot Co-Host CROSS PROMOTE
  38. 38. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit Takes time to build Audience needs to know you’re legit They need to build trust in your show Consistency is key Audio quality counts AUDIENCE
  39. 39. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit Downloads Traffic to show notes Conversions on CTAs New opportunities Thought leadership recognition METRICS
  40. 40. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit FREEBIES Scheduling Guide Preparation Guide http://www.findandconvert.com/smss-2016
  41. 41. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit with Bernie Borges socialbusinessengine.com twitter.com/sbengine facebook.com/socialbusinessengine/ findandconvert.com twitter.com/findandconvert facebook.com/findandconvert/ bernie@findandconvert.com twitter.com/bernieborges linkedin.com/in/bernieborges
  42. 42. @bernieborges #sbeshow #SMSSummit