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Galaxy Gear: 5 Things Marketers Need To Know

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Samsung launched the new Galaxy Gear Smart Watch. Here is a look at what this means for marketers and where this will take the wearables market.

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Galaxy Gear: 5 Things Marketers Need To Know

  1. things marketers need to know about galaxy gear 5
  2. A wearable device that connects to Android smartphones. Glance down to get time, weather and notifications. Make and receive calls. Send texts. Update social networks. Swipe + voice navigation. what it does
  3. A 1.9 mega-pixel camera that captures video means selfies are about to hit a new high. a shot above 1
  4. Accelerometer? Check. Pedometer? Check. The Gear has more functionality than Fitbit, Nike Fuelband and Pebble combined. it’s all in the wrist 2
  5. Seventy high-profile apps will make developers and brands take notice. large app ecosystem 3
  6. Incompatibility with most Android devices at launch means a small footprint. But not for long. limited market 4
  7. Wearables raise the bar on consumer expectations. Brands can now be literally attached to consumers. wearable brands 5
  8. This is just the start. Samsung has thrown down the gauntlet. Wearables will raise from 1m now to 38m in 2018. Expect Apple and Microsoft to follow suit quickly. Brands need to have a wearable strategy sooner than later.
  9. * Special thanks to The Verge for image assets