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Managed Print Services Explained [Infographic] (portfolio)

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A comparison of the difference between paying per page and managed print services for a copier client.

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Managed Print Services Explained [Infographic] (portfolio)

  1. 1. Advanced Systems, Inc. www.asiowa.com | 1-800-274-2047 You have two options when you need a new multifunction printer (a copier): buy one or lease one and pay by the copy. Buying a copier is easy. Keeping it running . . . not as easy. Here’s a comparison of all of the moving parts required to keep your equipment running smoothly via a pay-by-the-page contract with us on the left and the DIY approach on the right. To your door or left in the parking lot.And we suggest optimal placement for ease of use and access. Read the manual. After installation, our service technician will explain and illustrate how to use the most common features. Networking and Admin If more than one person will use the device, it needs to be added to your network and you’ll need to set up administrative rights, particularly if you’re in a regulated industry. You or your IT staff. Can be included in the contract. Or we can perform training as-needed Online community or your IT staff. Call us and we’ll walk you through it. You, glass cleaner, a rag, and a YouTube video. Fees usually begin at $150 to show up at your door.Then there will be charges for parts and labor, plus the time it takes to order parts and THEN come back to repair (during which you’re copier will be less than 100% functional or totally non-operational). Most repairs are included. With a monthly duty cycle of 110,000 pages, you will need 4 cartridges/month to print black and white if you use the equipment to capacity. Remotely monitored and delivered to you as needed. 1-800-GOT-JUNK is one option. You could also take time out of your busy day to take it to the local recycling center (you should recycle). Plus, don’t forget to wipe the memory to eliminate a risk of your MFP’s hard drive becoming a security or regulatory issue. You. OK, you have to buy your own either way. Control Your Printing Costs. Download MPS 101 to Learn How. 0$ DOWN Included as part of your monthly contract. 8,900$ or a monthly fee – with interest if you finance it. DO IT YOURSELF The Hardware The MSRP for the imageRUNNER C3170 is $8,900 (that’s the basic model, there are additional models with more functionality available). Install Equipment Depending on the equipment, you could have to assemble drawers and other parts of the MFP, just like that college furniture you bought from Wal-Mart years ago. Delivery VS Explain Features & Uses MPFs do more than print and copy 8 ½ by 11 inch pieces of paper. Training Our example device is straightforward; but the more functions an MFP can perform, the more you should consider training your staff to use the equipment beyond the “copy” button. We Do It. We Do It. We Do It. We Do It. We Do It. We Do It. Read the manual. Fingers crossed there’s more detail than IKEA pictograms. Read the manual. You or your IT staff. Toner Cartridges Estimated yield is 23,000 pages for black and white and 8,500 for color. (Black: 59.95, Cyan/Magenta/Yellow: $99.95/each) Troubleshooting It’s technology and glitches will happen. Ongoing Maintenance Regular cleaning and maintenance extends the life of your equipment and reduces the need for repairs. Application setup/Driver Installation to Desktop System (if required) Repair MFPs combine many moving parts and software. As with any machinery, moving parts eventually will break. Repairs are inevitable. ? Paper and Staples We encourage the use of high-quality paper, not the cheapest paper you can find. You’ll experience fewer paper jams and maintenance issues. Equipment Removal Eventually, you will need to replace your copier. How do you get rid of it? We pick up, refurbish and resell or dispose of the MFP, and ensure that the hard drive is left with you or digitally shredded. *Cartridge prices from www.precisionroller.com What is paying by the page? It’s a way to outsource your print and copier needs. You eliminate the hassle of buying your own devices, improve the quality of your output, and save costs with a fixed rate. PAY BY THE PAGE Why Paying By the Page Saves You Time – and Money. Let’s Talk. Call us at 800.274.2047 or click here to email us. Brought to you by Advanced Systems, Inc. www.asiowa.com