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Winzip and winrar

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Winzip and winrar

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Winzip and winrar

  2. 2. Winzip and WinRar are the two most commonly used today to compress and decompress files but do not need to have installed both programs, as for example WinRAR is able to work with the two extensions.
  3. 3. Basic concepts: What is an archive? It is a file that is transformed so it takes up less space on the hard drive of your computer that would occupy in its normal state. ? The archive can be stored anywhere: hard drive, CD, floppy disk, memory stick (flash drive), etc.
  4. 4. It is a powerful and easy to use tool that compresses and decompresses files quickly, saving disk space and minimizing transmission time of an email.
  5. 5. When a file is compressed?   For its size (which marks the file type that is). The most common are three: ?? ZIP: Original Winzip RAR: Original Winrar
  6. 6.  No, in that state it is simply stored, but if you want to use the file either to write it (if it is a text file) or hear (if it is a sound file), you need to unzip it to bring it to its original state.
  7. 7. WinRAR is one of the best file compressors. All historic in the world of software that has managed to renew and grow and adapt to new needs.
  8. 8.  WinRAR creates and decompresses files in the most popular formats (ZIP and RAR) and is also able to decompress files created in other formats, so if you have WinRAR installed you do not need any other decompressor.
  9. 9. WinRAR integrates seamlessly into Windows Explorer. In it appear as eleven options, you can choose which ones, such as: "Open with WinRAR" or "Extract". Features: speed, flexibility, and effectiveness
  10. 10. WINRAR: They are shareware, this means you can try them free for 40 days, after this trial period must purchase a license or uninstall them from your computer.