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Disrupting Amsterdam - About Huddle

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Disrupting Amsterdam - About Huddle

  1. 1. Andy McLoughlin, Co-founder Follow me @bandrew
  2. 2. Cloud-based content collaboration platformTrusted by 100,000+ businesses globally and80% of UK central governmentISO27001 certified and accredited to UK IL3Delivered via cloud, desktop, mobile and API
  3. 3. WTFdoes collaboration mean, anyway?
  4. 4. Theproblem with
  5. 5. !#$?Is @social the #answer?
  6. 6. Intelligent SocialContent Secure Ubiquitous Collaborative
  7. 7. CreatingDiscovering Sharing in the cloud Working
  8. 8. Central Information Hub Centralized content with full government-level security, management & audits for NASA Reduces capital and operational costs with cost- effective cloud solution Collaboration is centralized on one platform, enabling effective task management, file sharing and calendaring.
  9. 9. No more SharePoint Effective and secure collaboration with internal teams and external parties – consultants and partners (PwC) Granular permission control to ensure data is only viewed by people with clearance Streamlined review and approvals Information is always up-to-date Audit trails used to track who has viewed and changed documents
  10. 10. Join the world’s most intelligent organizations
  11. 11. Thank youLearn more at www.huddle.comandy@huddle.com / @bandrew