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Chapitulo 5

  1. Types of project plan
  2. Project planning process Establish the project constraints Make initial assessments of the project parameters Define project milestones and deliverables while project has not been completed or cancelled loop Draw up project schedule Initiate activities according to schedule Wait ( for a while ) Review project progress Revise estimates of project parameters Update the project schedule Re-negotiate project constraints and deliverables if ( problems arise ) then Initiate technical review and possible revision end if end loop
  3. Milestones in the RE process
  4. The project scheduling process
  5. Task durations and dependencies
  6. Activity network
  7. Activity timeline
  8. Staff allocation
  9. Software risks
  10. The risk management process
  11. Risks and risk types
  12. Risk analysis (i)
  13. Risk analysis (ii)
  14. Risk management strategies (i)
  15. Risk management strategies (ii)
  16. Risk indicators