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0858683 Silicon Valley Presentation

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This is a presentation that offers a basic introduction to Silicon Valley's computer and Internet industries. It offers brief glances at the history, current business and future of this California community.

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0858683 Silicon Valley Presentation

  2. 2. A Valley of Silicon?????? Silicon Valley is located in San Jose ,CA and it is home to many of today’s leading companies in computer, Internet and venture capital businesses including Google, HP, Oracle and Sun Microsystems. It is in close proximity to Stanford University and is a major employer of http://www.siliconvalleyhabitat.com/ESP3/goog1.jpg many its computer science, engineering and business students after they graduate. It is considered by many to be the number one “hotbed” for technological development along with Internet entrepreneurship in the United States.
  3. 3. In The Early Days..... In the 1950’s the U.S. Navy had a port in the South San Francisco Bay and did much of their research and testing in nearby San Jose (Silicon Valley). Simultaneously, many companies that sold and developed silicon transistors, a new and efficient electrical component at the time, had their offices in the same area. http://www.usmilitarystuff.com/images/us%2 0navy.jpg These events are important because they drew electronic engineers and others to the area who thought that they could lend their research and talents to such companies and/or the U.S. Navy. http://www.ieee-virtual- museum.org/media/Z7bP2SQuRX 1h.jpg
  4. 4. San Jose Pop. Growth This chart indicates the rapid growth 1,000,000 of San Jose from the 1950’s to the 900,000 present day. 800,000 700,000 Note the especially drastic increase 600,000 between 1950 and 1990, that correlates with the growing 500,000 development and popularity of the 400,000 San Jose Personal Computer and the silicon 300,000 Pop. transistor. 200,000 Growth 100,000 While we cannot attribute the entirety 0 of this increase to the computer boom, it is safe to say that Silicon Pop. 1990 Pop. 2008 Pop. 1950 Valley’s transistor and computer sector has a role in drawing such a large increase in population.
  5. 5. bp3.blogger.com/_wAFJzzGDAmc/SBnrYz29cuI/AAAA... Companies with HQ’s in Silicon Valley As you can see, the time between 1950 and today has shown huge growth for the computer, Internet and electronics sector in Silicon Valley.
  6. 6. Industry Make-Up  Out of the top ten companies in Silicon Valley (in terms of sales), this pie-graph represents their areas of Computer specified business.  As we see, companies like Hewlett- Packard and Apple that focus solely Semi on computer sales maintain a strong Cond. position. Transistor  However, take note of the “Other” Internet part, representing companies that specialize in areas like business software and network equipment.  What we learn from this is that while Other Apple and HP may make the most money, there is a lot of opportunity in http://www.bayareanewsgroup.com/multimedia/mn/biz/spec specialized companies like Sun ialreport/sv150bigchart.htm Microsystems and Oracle.
  7. 7. Microsoft and Apple. Inc  Today, we are all very familiar with the competition between Microsoft and Apple. While the commercials may be comical, it is important to note that the race between these two companies is rooted in animosity over “who really invented the PC”.  Microsoft has always been ahead of Apple, however Apple has been making up for this in a recent renaissance in which they have marketed such items as the iPod and iPhone.  Never the less, Microsoft is still the leader in the operating systems market. http://www.touchpodium.com/wp-  For further information on the story of content/uploads/2008/03/microsoft_apple.png each company’s rise, the docudrama Pirates of Silicon Valley is both accurate and entertaining.
  8. 8. The World Wide Web  The computer industry in Silicon Valley was forever changed when the Internet became a household necessity in mid 1990’s.  The Internet was once a foreign concept to the average person, however with early, simple search engines like Yahoo and Dogpile everyone was instantly able to share information and connect with people from all over the world.  Today, the Internet now rivals most other American industries including the Automotive sector, this “boom” is due to the large amounts of companies, most from the San Jose area, starting companies offering online services other than search engines such as shopping, and trip booking. The main way that these companies make money is through advertising.  Outside of business, the Internet has become a forefront method of human interaction and communication with innovations like instant messaging, e-mail and social networking sites like Facebook.  The future of the Internet looks to be headed in the direction of “user-created” content such as blogs (or citizen journalism) and wiki’s
  9. 9. Internet Integration As we see here, Silicon Valley’s various Internet companies and services work together as opposed to creating competition with each other
  10. 10. Thank you!!!  References of information:  http://www.bayareanewsgroup.com/multimedia/mn/biz/specialreport/sv150bigchart.ht m  http://west.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/pager.php?id=93  http://www.sanjoseca.gov/about.html  Images obtained from:  http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/5/5a/EBay_Logo.svg/800px-EBay_Logo.svg.png (October 4, 2008)  http://www.globalyouthsummit.org/resource/images/news/facebook_pic.jpg ( October 4, 2008)  http://www.seomoz.org/img/upload/not-a-query-yahoo.gif (October 4, 2008)  All other images referenced on respective pages.