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BA and Beyond 19 - Yves Lorphelin - Strategic domain driven design

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Domain Driven Design is gaining traction in our business. Unfortunately the strategic part is often overlooked, even though it is at the heart of the practice, and is what helps forming a better relationship and understanding between Business, Analysts & Development.

This session will highlight some of the strategic aspects:

- Problem & Solution Space
- Context & Bounded Context
- Context Map
- Ubiquitous Language

They will be illustrated using the current HR domain I'm in : Comparative Selections in government. More precisely, the different meanings of Psychometric Test in the different systems will be explored.

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BA and Beyond 19 - Yves Lorphelin - Strategic domain driven design

  1. 1. Strategic Domain Driven Design BA-Beyond 2019 Yves Lorphelin
  2. 2. Why does it matter ? It’s developer (mis)understanding, not expert knowledge that gets released in production Alberto Brandolini
  3. 3. Why does it matter ? Learning is the bottleneck Alberto Brandolini
  4. 4. Strategic Challenges ? Local & Global Complexity Coupling & Bottlenecks Political constraints Technical Constraints Consistency (Anti)Fragile …
  5. 5. Definitions •Domain A sphere of knowledge, influence, or activity. The subject area to which the user applies a program is the domain of the software. •Model A system of abstractions that describes selected aspects of a domain and used to solve problems related to that domain.
  6. 6. The Big Picture
  7. 7. The Big Picture
  8. 8. System Metaphor
  9. 9. System Metaphor
  10. 10. Bounded Contexts Arbitrary Boundaries in the solution space
  11. 11. Bounded Contexts “…delimits the applicability of a particular model so that team members have a clear and shared understanding of what has to be consistent and how it relates to other contexts"
  12. 12. Bounded Contexts & Context Map Maps out the CURRENT landscape Has your team Point of view Evolves as needed A trigger for inter-team communication
  13. 13. Bounded Contexts "political relationships between teams often determine how systems are integrated. A technically advantageous unification may be impossible because of reporting structure"
  14. 14. Bounded Contexts: Even Further Sociotechnical Architecture Patterns Team Topologies
  15. 15. Bounded Contexts: Even Further Ideal : Align Bounded Context and Sub domain
  16. 16. Ubiquitous Language
  17. 17. Ubiquitous Language
  18. 18. Ubiquitous Language
  19. 19. Ubiquituous Language A language structured around the domain model and used by all team members within a bounded context to connect all the activities of the team with the software.
  20. 20. Ubiquitous Language
  21. 21. Ubiquitous Language
  22. 22. References https://ntcoding.co.uk/sociotechnical https://www.dddheuristics.com
  23. 23. Contact /in/yves-Lorphelin @ylorph Yves Lorphelin https://www.spikes.be
  24. 24. 2 Weeks ago : External Auditors What did they understood ?