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Mozilla Privacy Icons Project

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See http://www.azarask.in/blog/post/what-should-matter-in-privacy/


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Mozilla Privacy Icons Project

  1. 1. Privacy Icons Aza Raskin/Creative Lead Firefox/@azaaza
  2. 2. Product.
  3. 3. People do not know want they want. We are the experts.
  4. 4. 87% of people in the US can be uniquely identified with just zip code, birthday, and gender.
  5. 5. Every time we ask the user a question they don’t understand or don’t care about, we have failed.
  6. 6. Respect the user?
  7. 7. FOCUS
  8. 8. 1
  9. 9. What attributes of privacy should people care about?
  10. 10. Creative Commons?
  11. 11. Irreducible Complexity
  12. 12. Do not penalize business as usual. Isn’t 3rd party sharing intrinsically suspect?
  13. 13. Binding Icons
  14. 14. Read+Write
  15. 15. Product.
  16. 16. Chicken & Egg? Machine Readable
  17. 17. Normative.
  18. 18. Bad actors won’t play?
  19. 19. 7 Things That Taxonomy Matter Most Attribute
  20. 20. Is you data used for secondary use? And is it shared with 3rd parties? Mint.com vs. RealAge
  21. 21. Is your data bartered?
  22. 22. Under what terms is your data shared with the government and with law enforcement?
  23. 23. Does the company take reasonable measures to protect your data in all phases of collection and storage. This icon will probably be removed as not pertaining directly to privacy.
  24. 24. Does the service give you control of your data?
  25. 25. Does the service use your data to build and save a profile for non-primary use?
  26. 26. Are ad networks being used and under what terms?
  27. 27. THE STRAWMAN
  28. 28. http://azarask.in @azaaza Is a Creative The 7 Things Commons for That Matter Privacy Most In Privacy Possible