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Axiva Sichem Biotech - Laboratory Filtration Product

We are engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting of Laboratory Filtration Products. These filtration products are precisely manufactured by making use of superior quality raw material and ultra-modern techniques by the experience team. Our offered products are widely used in various laboratories for various filtration works in worldwide. http://www.axivasichem.com/popular-quantitative-filters.aspx

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Axiva Sichem Biotech - Laboratory Filtration Product

  1. 1. About us • With over 20+ years experience in manufacturing laboratory consumables, Axiva team has the knowledge and expertise to provide the products and support. • Our mission is to manufacture innovative, state –of-the – art products that are second to none in quality, while also providing excellent service as we are the manufacturer, we control the quality form start to finish, providing researchers with products that meet the highest laboratory standards. History • Established in 1997 & Commenced business as marketing company • Started Manufacturing in 2001 with one factory with seven people • Now Axiva has three factories with 70 people. AXIVA SICHEM BIOTECH
  2. 2. The CEO • Axiva is led by the C.E.O. Mr. Arvind Agrawal who has been doing business both locally & Internationally. He has experience of over 20+ years in this field. Vision • To achieve & become the leading global player as manufacturer of laboratory consumables maintaining highest quality standard with documentation Values • We value partnering with our people, clients and expanding stakeholders to ensure the attainment of individual group and corporate objectives in a manner which reinforces better research.
  3. 3. • Axiva Syringe Filters & Air Vent Filter are CE Certified vide Certificate No. CE-2624 • Axiva Sichem Biotech is an ISO 9001:2018 registered company vide certificate no. KDACQ201706062 Certification
  4. 4. Manufacturing • 70 Full time Employees • 11 in Administration & 20 in marketing • Current Operation is 8 Hours / Day, 6 days/week • 30,000 sq. ft. Manufacturing facility • 1000 sq. ft. clean area Product Offering • Laboratory Filter Paper • Syringe Filters • Air Vent Filter • Membrane Filters • Glass Fiber Filters • Filtration Holders & Assemblies • Thimbles
  5. 5. Focus Products Axiva is proud to have one of the largest range of Syringe Filers in the world. • Single Layered Syringe Filters • Double Layered Syringe Filters • Triple Layered Syringe Filters
  6. 6. Air Vent Filter Sterile Syringe Filters Qualitative Filter Paper Quantitative Filter Paper Filter Papers
  7. 7. Membrane Filter Nylon Disc Membrane Filter Cellulose Nitrate Disc Membrane Gridded Membrane Filter
  8. 8. Thank You • If you are interested to be associated with Axiva Sichem Biotech please use the contact information below to receive further information. Axiva Sichem Biotech Address:- RU-46 Outer Ring Road, Pitampura, New Delhi, India 110034 Phones Admin Off. : +91-11-40578224 / 25 / 26 Web : www.axivsichem.com Email : arvind@axivasichem.com