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Views from the C-Suite 2015 | A.T. Kearney

  1. 2015 Views from the C-Suite An Annual Survey of Business Executives Greater Volatility and Uncertainty on the Horizon
  2. More than 500 global executives spoke with the Global Business Policy Council about business opportunities and challenges in the year ahead.
  3. 82% of executives believe that economic volatility and terrorism will intensify in 2015 and early 2016.
  4. 76% expect the global business operating environment to become more difficult, especially because of worsening policies and regulations.
  5. Environmental regulations are the major source of policy concern in Europe (24%), while it is labor regulations in the Americas (24%) and product safety and standards in Asia Pacific (25%).
  6. 43% of global executives cite changes in tax policy as a key operational challenge.
  7. On a brighter note, 77% expect emerging markets to lead global growth and investment again.
  8. Similarly, 76% believe global energy and commodity prices will remain low.
  9. Global executives are bullish on invest- ment opportunities in emerging markets (50%), particularly China and East Asia.
  10. Greater business model efficiency (45%) and technological innovation (44%) are the top two operational opportunities.
  11. Cloud computing (21%), big data (17%), and mobile technology (16%) are cited as the most important technological opportunities—but they are also the most important technological challenges.
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