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Zero Downtime Deployment in Microservices era

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ou joined the DevOps movement and want to release software even faster and safer. You started reading about Advanced deployment techniques like Blue-Green Deployment, Canary Releases or Dark Shadow Technique. But how do you implement them without disrupting your users in production? With Zero Downtime! This is easy with your code, but what about ephemeral and persistent states? Most of the examples out there does not tackle this scenario (which is the most common in real systems). Come to this session and you’ll learn in a practical way how you can achieve zero downtime deployments applying advanced deployment techniques for maintaining the ephemeral and persistent state of your microservice application.

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Zero Downtime Deployment in Microservices era

  1. 1. Alex Soto @alexsotob Zero Downtime Deployment In Microservices Era
  2. 2. @alexsotob2 Alex Soto Red Hat Engineer www.lordofthejars.com @alexsotob Who Am I?
  3. 3. @alexsotob Raffle Rules (applicable in the real) 3 1. Follow: @alexsotob 2. With picture of the session 3. Mention @alexsotob 4. With hashtag #springio
  4. 4. @alexsotob4 Questions
  5. 5. @alexsotob5
  6. 6. @alexsotob6 MyApp Monolith
  7. 7. @alexsotob7 Modules
  8. 8. @alexsotob8 Components
  9. 9. @alexsotob9 Microservices
  10. 10. @alexsotob10 Microservices
  11. 11. @alexsotob11 Microservices
  12. 12. @alexsotob12 Network of Services
  13. 13. @alexsotob13 Microservices Own Their Data
  14. 14. @alexsotob14 Multiple Points of Entry
  15. 15. @alexsotob15 Failure of a Service
  16. 16. @alexsotob16 Cascading Failure
  17. 17. @alexsotob17 But wow! Am I so ready for this change. — Anna “
  18. 18. @alexsotob18 Blue-Green Deployments
  21. 21. Blue/Green Deployment CI/CD PRODUCTION ROUTER USERS SCM
  22. 22. Blue/Green Deployment CD/CD PRODUCTION ROUTER USERS SCM
  23. 23. @alexsotob23 Canary Release
  24. 24. @alexsotob24 CI/CD PRODUCTION ROUTER USERS SCM
  25. 25. @alexsotob25 CI/CD PRODUCTION ROUTER USERS SCM
  26. 26. @alexsotob26 CI/CD PRODUCTION ROUTER USERS SCM
  27. 27. @alexsotob27 CI/CD PRODUCTION ROUTER USERS SCM
  28. 28. @alexsotob28 CI/CD PRODUCTION ROUTER USERS SCM
  29. 29. @alexsotob29 CI/CD PRODUCTION ROUTER USERS SCM
  30. 30. @alexsotob30 CI/CD PRODUCTION ROUTER USERS SCM
  31. 31. @alexsotob @AndyGeeDe31 Dark Launches
  33. 33. @alexsotob33
  34. 34. @alexsotob34 Microservices’ilities + OpenShift MyService Monitoring Tracing API Discovery Invocation Resilience Pipeline Authentication Logging Elasticity
  35. 35. @alexsotob35 Container JVM Service B Discovery Load-balancer Resiliency Metrics Tracing Container JVM Service A Discovery Load-balancer Resiliency Metrics Tracing Container JVM Service C Discovery Load-balancer Resiliency Metrics Tracing Microservices Embedding Capabilities
  36. 36. @alexsotob36 Fairy tales can come true. You gotta make them happen, it all depends on you — Tiana “
  37. 37. @alexsotob37 Istio — ‘Sail’ (Kubernetes — the ‘Helmsman’)
  38. 38. @alexsotob38 Pod Container JVM Service A Sidecar Container Pod Container JVM Service C Sidecar Container After Istio Pod Container JVM Service B Sidecar Container Microservices Externalizing Capabilities The sidecar intercepts all network traffic
  39. 39. @alexsotob39
  40. 40. @alexsotob40
  41. 41. @alexsotob41
  42. 42. @alexsotob42
  43. 43. @alexsotob43 This is the circle of sadness. Your job is to make sure that all sadness stays inside of it. — Joy “
  44. 44. @alexsotob44
  45. 45. @alexsotob45
  46. 46. @alexsotob46 If I go there is just no telling how far I’ll go. — Moana “
  47. 47. @alexsotob47 Ephemeral State
  48. 48. @alexsotob48 Infrastructure sticky session Shopping Cart User A Version 1 Version 2
  49. 49. @alexsotob49 In-Memory Data Grid In-Memory DataGrid Shopping Cart User A Shopping Cart User A Version 1 Version 2
  50. 50. @alexsotob50 Adventure is out there. — Ellie “
  51. 51. @alexsotob51 Persistence State
  52. 52. @alexsotob52 Update Column Name column: Namecolumn: Fullname Version 1 1%99% Version 2
  53. 53. @alexsotob53 Version 1 Version 2 Update Column Name (1) read/write read column: Name column: Fullname write
  54. 54. @alexsotob54 Version 2 Update Column Name (2) read column: Name column: Fullname write copy Version 3 reads write
  55. 55. @alexsotob55 Update Column Name (3) column: Name column: Fullname Version 3 reads write Version 4 read/write
  56. 56. @alexsotob56 It's time to see what I can do To test the limits and break through. — Elsa “
  57. 57. @alexsotob57 Put on your Sunday clothes there's lots of world out there. — Wall-E “ [http://bit.ly/istio-tutorial] [http://bit.ly/istio-cheat-sheet-v1]
  58. 58. @alexsotob58 Synthetic transactions in mirroring traffic Service A Service B v1 Service B v2 Host:”serviceb-shadow” synthetic:true rollback
  59. 59. @alexsotob59 Virtualizing test-cluster’s database in mirroring Service A Service B v1 Service B v2 Host:”serviceb-shadow” Prod DB Virtual DB read Throwaway write
  60. 60. @alexsotob60 It is time for you to relax. — Mavis “
  61. 61. @alexsotob61 I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now. — Edna “
  62. 62. @alexsotob62 Proceed with caution!!!. — Fear “
  63. 63. @alexsotob63 When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do. — Walt Disney “
  64. 64. @alexsotob64 https://developers.redhat.com/
  65. 65. @alexsotob65
  66. 66. @alexsotob66 Hay un amigo en mí, cuando salgan a volar, hay un amigo en mí — Toy Story “ @alexsotob asotobue@redhat.com http://www.lordofthejars.com/
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  68. 68. @alexsotob68 “You’re no one hero.” –Moana (showing simple things) “If I go there is just no telling how far i’ll go” – Moana (showing simple things)