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  2. 2. Big bold title toattract the eye of the Specific words in thereader. cover lines are highlighted to make them stand out.The rule of thirdsattracts the reader to The image stands outthe eyes of the model. from the colour scheme usedThe cover lines are in Different words are in abold to catch the eye different colour to standof the reader. outFans of the artistsfeatured on the front The bar code and pricecover will instantly be and date is at the bottom.drawn towards thismagazine.
  3. 3. The title of themagazine stands out as A black backgroundit is in purple. behind white writing makes the writing standThe contents title is in out.a different type faceand goes from grey to Stroke on the titles toblack to stand out make them stand out and the text is larger then theThe images are heavily reststroked by a blackborder to make them The artists images willstand out and not fade attract their fansinto the backgroundThe page numbers are Black background standsalso stroked heavily to out.stand out on top ofthe image.
  4. 4. The wordImage dominates exclusive standsthe page and out because it isattracts the fans of in bold and thethe artist. word exclusive will attract theThe image has been artists’ fans.edited to stand outmore. Some text in yellow standsPull quote is heavily out from thestroked to make it background sostand out from the it is easilyback ground. readable by the reader.