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Tally training in Chandigarh

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Tally training in Chandigarh explained Evolution of Tally, New Features that one expects from next version of Tally,
Improvement in GUI screen, System based application- rather than web based application, Integration of different department, Reminders and Alerts, Data Security, Separate Login id.

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Tally training in Chandigarh

  1. 1. Tally training in Chandigarh
  2. 2. Evolution of Tally The initial phase of the telly was based on the DOS and later the GUI (graphic user interface) was based, which supported works associated with the original accounts. The accounts of the transaction were included in the initial steps to the final form of accounts books.However, with occasional changing accounting standard scenarios, along with the complexities involved in accounting for various taxes, the business community wanted to overhaul Tally, who would also take care of the accounting of taxes.
  3. 3. ● Tally 6.3 ensured complete VAT implementation as well as ensured security for the package. ● Tally 7.2 majorly incorporated cancelled vouchers. ● Tally 8.1 incorporated migrating of multiple currencies. ● Tally 9.0 focuses on form 16 for employee, TDS on salary, excise for dealer, data migration, and auditor’s edition also includes form 3CA & 3CB for tax audit purpose.
  4. 4. To date, the best accounting software is available for small enterprises and home based users. So we can say that Tally is adding many new features to every new version. The Tally user is growing especially in India in the day, and people expect a lot of couples in the next version of Tally. This article is about us which is about the facilities we can expect from the next version.
  5. 5. New Features that one expects from next version of Tally Improvement in GUI screen One thing is that all users are improving the GUI screen. The screen still looks like the same old dos-based screen. The company has added many new features to its different versions, however changes in this important area are missing. Whenever you are passing an entry or looking at a report, you feel that the old application is going on. So we expect that we will get a change in it.
  6. 6. System based application- rather than web based application. Data is stored on local devices, so whenever you want to log in or want to see reports on other systems, you need to copy the paste data into that PC otherwise you will not be able to access the tally. Tally applications and data must be stored on a cloud-based server so that it can be accessed from any location with the use of the Internet and user ID passwords for the purpose of login. Currently it is system based and does not need internet to operate it. Although we can expect that it is offline and online for both systems based multi-location or multi- department company.
  7. 7. Integration of different department Tally is currently focused on the company from the point of view of accounting. However, nowadays, the use of accounting application has increased from original accounting to generate a lot of information for various departments like HR, Finance, Legal Compliance, Tax Department, Management Report. The next Tally version should be focused on integrating all these departments so that it can benefit the medium and large scale industries. Certainly features such as employee records, loan register, shareholder list, debtor / creditor reminder etc will definitely help.
  8. 8. Reminders and Alerts Auto mail facility for debtor / creditor reminder, alert for statutory compliance due dates - income tax, service tax, excise duty, custom, VAT etc. These types of alerts will be value addition to Tally users. As it will affect the financial position directly by avoiding late collection and avoiding fines.
  9. 9. Data Security A further important area is data security. Password protection is currently available at the time of accessing company accounts, however, once you enter it, you can delete a listing or you can change any entry. In short, you can do anything with all the data. Access rights should either be restricted in the form of departmental or action, change in vouchers should be restricted in relation to the cancellation and removal of the right voucher.
  10. 10. Separate Login id A separate login ID for each employee, such as Smart Function or Detailed Report, to identify their work responsibilities and identify the presence with the help of identification of the presence, giving the information of the liability that comes with separate report dates. Has been there. Tax liability like advance income tax, service tax, VAT payable with due date, auto email for different types of reminders
  11. 11. At present there is no doubt that best accounting applications are available in Tally India in relation to cost and simplicity for using small traders. The forward telly users are moving at a good pace with the increasing number of users, the expected increase in the telly. Additional facilities discussed above for middle and large scale enterprises will provide additional benefits. Based on user requirement, the Tally Accounting app is an important area to see optimization. We can expect details of reports and more security related changes in the upcoming Tally versions. Most of the points discussed above are common to all industries, so the industry is hoping to enroll soon or later. It would be great if you can share your thoughts that you are expecting from Tally in the comment section.
  12. 12. 9988741983 https://medium.com