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SEO Conversion Strategies - 12 Power Plays

CRO, meet SEO! It's time to maximize organic conversions with these 12 power plays. Learn common optimization factors, the SEO CRO funnel, tricks, trends, & more!
(Presented at Conversion Conference Chicago on June 11, 2013 and SMX Advanced June 12, 2013.)

Need help connecting SEO & CRO?
At Three Deep, we truly "get-it" when it comes to driving and converting web traffic. We bridge organic conversion tactics with powerful user-centric strategies to deliver lasting, tangible ROI.

Your time and budget is finite. Grow ROI with an SEO & CRO power play.
>> Contact me today for a consultation!

SEO Conversion Strategies - 12 Power Plays

  1. 1. CRO SEOSEO CONVERSIONSTRATEGIESAngie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep MarketingMEETConversion Conference Chicago - June 11, 2013
  2. 2. Director, Interactive Strategic Planning & Optimizationaschottmuller@threedeepmarketing.comAngie Schottmuller@aschottmuller
  3. 3. Three Deep Marketingü Lead Generationü Customer Acquisitionü Optimization (SEO/SMO/CRO/PPC)180 E 5th St, Suite 910, St Paul, MN 55101 Ÿ (651) 789-7701www.threedeepmarketing.comWERE HIRING!
  4. 4. OUR CLIENTS...
  5. 5. SEO CONVERSION STRATEGIES#ConvCon #SEO #CRO@aschottmullerTweet this session!Seriously. Its loaded with juicy statsguaranteed to get a retweet!
  6. 6. Its time to farm someorganic conversions!CSEOR O
  7. 7. CONVERSION =Completion of a presented action.a.k.a. "Goal Completion"Angie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
  9. 9. For every $92spent acquiringcustomers,ONLY $1is spenton conversion.Source: Econsultancy & RedEye CRO Report 2012 Angie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
  10. 10. CROs, to make an impact,youll need a partner......and by "partner", I mean shared budget and success. =)Angie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
  11. 11. #1WEBSITETRAFFICDRIVEROrganic Search [SEO] =Angie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
  12. 12. Angie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep MarketingSEO Budgets are on the Rise!SEM +39%Source: MarketingCharts.com
  13. 13. Angie Schottmuller (@aschottmuller), Three Deep MarketingSEO vs. CROSEARCH ENGINESOptimize content for:USERSto believe its the best answer to a users queryRANK HIGH INSEARCH RESULTS.COMPLETE THECALL-TO-ACTION.METRIC: Search Rank METRIC: Goal Completionsenough to...
  14. 14. Many SEOs were hit byGoogles 2012 Penguinand Panda algorithmupdates.Logo and infographic design by Chander, @FuzzOneMedia:http://bit.ly/newfaceofseopandapenguinPOW!Angie Schottmuller,, Three Deep Marketing
  15. 15. CRO PARTNER CHECKLIST:q  High traffic volumeq  Big budgetq  Similar strategyq  Looking for a winSEO is PERFECT!Angie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
  16. 16. CRO, Meet SEO
  17. 17. SEOCRODRIVECONVERTAngie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
  18. 18. 12CONSIDERATIONS FORCRO & SEOPOWER PLAYSAngie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
  19. 19. #1: Derive Content From User Goals & FAQsEnd silos. Align to visitors. Bridge the gaps.Angie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep MarketingKeyword QueriesUserQuestions& GoalsContentAnswers& Solutionsfor Users==
  20. 20. - Bryan Eisenberg@TheGrokConversion Optimization Expert, Speaker & Author"Conversion rate is a measure of your ability to persuadevisitors to take the action you want them to take...For you to achieve your goals,visitors must first achieve theirs."
  21. 21. WEB PAGE#2: Define Clear Purpose For Every Pageq Purpose:__________________________q Call-to-Action:__________________________q User Segment & Goal:__________________________q Goal Completion Action/Metric:__________________________q Targeted Keyword(s) [SEO]:__________________________Angie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
  22. 22. #3: Focus on Common Optimization FactorsFactor CRO SEORelevanceAuthorityCall-to-Action [Not Yet]UsabilityAngie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketing( R.A.C.U. )
  23. 23. #4: Assess SEO Conversion Funnel OpportunitiesAudit Each Level:•  What levels need help?•  What content needs help?•  What content is doing well? Why?Angie Schottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
  24. 24. #5: Optimize Organic Search Snippets(like you would any other ad)Angie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep MarketingVS.PAIDORGANIC
  25. 25. #5: OPTIMIZE ORGANIC SEARCH SNIPPETSRich SnippetsRich snippets boostclick-through rates by20-30%!Angie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep MarketingInfographic by BlueGlass: http://j.mp/richsnippetsigVisit Schema.org for options!
  26. 26. #5: OPTIMIZE ORGANIC SEARCH SNIPPETSOptimize to surface more value-added links...Angie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketinghttp://bit.ly/seolightsabersOn-page anchor or "table of contents" links maypotentially surface in search engine-generatedmeta descriptions or "jump to" links.(This example shows both.)
  27. 27. #5: OPTIMIZE ORGANIC SEARCH SNIPPETSMore links in snippets help get users to the right page:MAINRESULTSITELINKSB. Meta Description LinksD. Sitelinkshttp://bit.ly/googlesitelinksSEARCH SNIPPET:Angie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep MarketingC. "Jump to" Links (from on-page TOC bookmarks)A. Rich Snippet Links (from Schema.org breadcrumbs, reviews, etc.)
  28. 28. #6: Maintain Organic Ad to Entry Page "Scent"2.1.Angie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
  29. 29. #6: MAINTAIN ORGANIC AD TO ENTRY PAGE "SCENT"Maintaining Scent Trick Ideas:(Dynamically update content based on referrer.)•  Search keyword "badging" on product images•  Default carousel slide to best match for the referring keyword•  Adjust layout based on keyword(e.g. search query includes "reviews")•  Feature related content or suggestions based on keyword(e.g. search query includes "how to", "ideas", etc.)•  Change to local ph# based on geoIP (set cookie)Angie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
  30. 30. #7: Improve Page Load TimeAverage page load reality is5 seconds (3.5X) SLOWERthan user expectations!Yet, the average site onlyloads in ~7 seconds.Source: Econsultancy study, published in Oct 201247% of users expect a site toload in 2 seconds.Source: Akamai study, published in Sep 2009YIKES!Angie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
  31. 31. Angie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep MarketingSources: Gomez.com, Akamai.com1-SECOND DELAYPage Views 11%Conversion 7%Customer Satisfaction 16%
  32. 32. 7%CONVERSION DROPSource: Tag Management http://bit.ly/15FFYMQ1secondLOAD DELAY=Angie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
  33. 33. #7: IMPROVE PAGE LOAD TIMEMeasure "First View" Load TimeDepicted: Report snippet from www.WebPageTest.org"First View Load Time" uniquelyaccounts for first-time visitors (priorto caching) along with mobiledevices lacking caching abilities.Angie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
  34. 34. - Angie Schottmuller@aschottmullerSEO & Conversion Optimist, Three Deep Marketing"No web server is powerful enough toOVERCOME BAD CODE.The only cure is cleanup andperformance optimization."
  35. 35. #8: Anticipate Top Actions of Search VisitorsAngie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketing95%Source: Google Mobile Movement Study, 2011of mobile users search forlocal business info.61%CALL59%VISIT90%ACTIN 24 HOURSThen they...
  36. 36. #8: ANTICIPATE TOP ACTIONS OF SEARCH VISITORSPrioritize "Call" &"Locate" ActionsTIP: Style buttons usingCSS3 (no images) for speed.http://bit.ly/css3gradientbuttonsOn the mobile site:(within top 200px)Angie Schottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
  37. 37. Call for a FREE CRO Quote(651) 789-7724#8: ANTICIPATE TOP ACTIONS OF SEARCH VISITORSOptimize Click-to-Call (CTC) links as buttons:HTML with Google Analytics Tracking:<a href="tel:+16515551234" !class="clicktocall" onClick="_gaq.push([_trackEvent, !Contact Us,Click-to-Call,this.innerHTML]);"!>Call for a FREE CRO Quote (651) 789-7724</a>!Hours: Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm CTClick-to-CallAngie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
  38. 38. #9: Get Visual - Optimize ImagesAngie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
  39. 39. #9: GET VISUAL - OPTIMIZE IMAGESPhotos Draw Eye Contact... (in search results too!)Source: ThinkEyeTracking.com Study Angie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
  40. 40. #9: GET VISUAL - OPTIMIZE IMAGESImage SEO Checklist:q  Optimize filename with targeted keywords.q  Optimize <img> alt attribute with targeted keywords.q  Provide supporting context and/or caption.q  Create the image XML sitemap.q  Ensure crawlability.Track Image Search Referral Traffic:Google Analytics Advanced Segment by John Doherty, @dohertyjf:http://bit.ly/GASS-OrgImgAngie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
  41. 41. #10: Leverage VideoAngie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep MarketingSource: www.Volerro.com
  42. 42. 90%Angie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep MarketingYet, ONLY 24% of nationalbrands use video marketing.of online shopperssay video wouldhelp their buyingdecision.Source: Kantar Media study, Oct 2012
  43. 43. Source: CommonCraft.com, Unbounce.comhttp://bit.ly/explainervideostatsExplainer videosboost conversion#10: LEVERAGE VIDEO20%( on average )CrazyEgg.com videoDropbox.com video+$21KSALES/MO+10%CR LIFTAngie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
  44. 44. #9: GET VISUAL - OPTIMIZE IMAGESVideo SEO Checklist:q  Optimize filename with targeted keywords.q  Optimize title with targeted keywords.q  Write an engaging video description.q  Provide supporting context and/or caption near embed.q  Apply Schema.org microdata and Facebook Open Graph.q  Create a video XML sitemap.q  Ensure crawlability of pages with video embeds.Angie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
  45. 45. Test Video Thumbnail Images18.6% Conversion Rate(UI close up thumbnail)31.8% Conversion Rate(Room scene thumbnail)TIP: Specify video thumbnail w/ the YouTube API <media:thumbnail> tag!Source: ABtests.com - Yobongo.com case study.+70.9%CR LIFTAngie Schottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
  46. 46. #11: Localize!<Title tag>, URL, meta description
  47. 47. #12: Audit SEO CRO Funnel Flow in Analyticsü RANK: Audit match of tracked keywords to ranking page URLs inSEO reports.ü CLICK-THROUGH: Audit match of referring keyword to entry/landing page in web analytics.ü STICK: Audit page load time and bounce rate of organic trafficentry/landing pages in web analytics.Angie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep MarketingPay special attention to keywords forsupport vs. product detail pages.Google Analytics Custom Report - Organic Search Traffic:http://bit.ly/gacustomreportorganictraffic (Click to import into GA.)
  48. 48. CRO & SEO - 12 POWER PLAYS RECAP1.  Derive Content From User Goals & FAQs2.  Define Clear Purpose For Every Page3.  Focus on Common Optimization Factors (RACU)4.  Assess SEO Conversion Funnel Opportunities5.  Optimize Organic Search Snippets6.  Maintain Organic Ad to Entry Page "Scent"7.  Improve Page Load Time8.  Anticipate Top Actions of Search Visitors9.  Get Visual - Optimize Images10.  Leverage Video11.  Localize12.  Audit SEO CRO Funnel Flow in AnalyticsAngie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
  49. 49. TRENDS TO WATCHSEO & CRO Power Plays
  50. 50. Faceted NavigationAngie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketing!!CAUTION: Facets are great forUX and conversion, but potentiallydeadly for SEO if done incorrectly.>> Seek a proven expert!
  51. 51. Docalytics.com = Lead capture, analytics, andmouse tracking heatmaps for PDFs and other docs!LEAD GENERATION HEATMAPSCapture leads fromusers viewing PDFs!Get a 3-month FREE starter plan w/ promo code USETHEFORCE. Expires 7/1/13.Angie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
  52. 52. Source: http://barkbox.comLightboxes for Leads!Angie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
  53. 53. CRO & SEO - Key Takeawaysü User-centric, "best answer" content strategy is the foundation.ü The same "scoring" factors apply (RACU):Relevance, Authority, Call-to-Action, Usabilityü Dont just get rankings; get the best-match content /answerranking well.ü Optimize organic search snippets like you would any other ad.ü SEO and CRO are the ultimate ROI power play.>> Prioritize tactics that serve both objectives!Angie Schottmuller, @aschottmuller, Three Deep Marketing
  54. 54. - Angie Schottmuller@aschottmullerSEO & Conversion Optimist, Three Deep Marketing"A search query is simply a question.TO OPTIMIZE for search and conversion,PROVE youre the best answer."
  55. 55. Need help connecting SEO & CRO?At Three Deep, we truly "get-it" when it comes to driving and convertingweb traffic. We bridge organic conversion tactics with powerful user-centric strategies to deliver lasting, tangible ROI.Contact Me for aConsultationMaximize your SEO & CRO power play!Angie SchottmullerDirector, Strategic Planning & Optimizationaschottmuller@threedeepmarketing.com@aschottmullerYour time and budget is finite.Grow ROI with a power play...