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Gender sensitivity

  1. Gender Sensitivity
  2. INDEX • Understanding Gender • Patriarchy : The structure of Male- dominated Societies • Women in Male-dominated Societies • Stereotyped Images of the Two Genders • Gender Discrimination at Workplace • How to Develop Gender Sensitivity • Linguistic Bias against Women • Gender Sensitivity across Cultures
  3. Understanding Gender • Sex is a biological phenomenon. It indicates whether a person is born a male or female. • Gender is a social and cultural phenomenon. It shapes a person’s behavioural
  4. Patriarchy: the Structure of Male-dominated Societies. Most societies across the world are organised on the patriarchal model. In a patriarchal set-up, the responsibility for the family welfare lies primarily with man. Man is regarded as the breadwinner, woman the nurturer. The result is male-dominated societies. Women have started moving out of the four walls of the house but this has added to their burden. In a way, they
  5. Women in Male-dominated Societies In male-dominated societies, women became economically dependent on men and their status was reduced to that of unpaid slaves. They lost decision-making powers. When they began to work, they were paid less than men for the same amount of work. In cases of transfer, the wife was expected to relocate, not the husband.
  6. Stereotyped Images of the two genders Men • The stronger sex • Bold, aggressive, capable of taking risks. • Think from the ‘brain’. • Good at ‘tough’ activities. • Good leaders. • Competent negotiators • Ought to be ambitious • Not expected to make a public display of emotions. Women • The weaker sex • Docile, submissive,cannot take risks. • Think from the ‘heart’. • Good at creative arts. • Good followers. • Cannot be good negotiators. • Ought not be
  7. Gender Discrimination at Workplace Women are often denied top executive jobs on account of discrimination attitude towards them. The attitudinal barriers are described as the glass ceiling syndrome. The glass ceiling syndrome is caused by: • Husbands’ unwillingness to share family responsibilities. • Long office hours that put undue stress on women.
  8. Gender Discrimination at Workplace  Other forms of discrimination include :- • Lesser payment than men for the same kind of work. • Subjection of women to uncharitable and uncalled for comments. Sexual Harassment • Women face a lot of sexual harassment at the workplace. Sexual harassment of women is the worst form of discrimination against them, because it not only violates their sense of dignity and the right to living but is also an assault on their sense of self worth. It belittles them in their own eyes and makes them feel small and helpless.
  9. How to Develop Gender Sensitivity At the individual level 1. It is important that men fully realise the fact that being born a woman is being born different and not inferior. Since men are responsible for the long deprivation and subjugation of women, it is primarily their responsibility to restore their dignity and their Legitimate place in the social structure. 2. In the fight for their rights, some feminist activists have veered to the other extreme and are indulging in the politics of hate against men. These women should realise that men and women complement each other and the polarisation of the two genders is an unnatural phenomenon. To build a healthy and
  10. How to Develop Gender Sensitivity At the organisational level 1. Managements should be gender sensitive and should adopt gender-friendly policies, which means that there should be gender parity in recruitment as well as in promotions. 2. Law of equality should be honoured both in letter and in spirit. Work assigned to a person should be determined by their competence and not their gender. Equal work should be rewarded with equal wages. 3. Discriminatory practices, whether against men or women should be completely stopped. 4. Women-friendly policies like flexibility in
  11. Gender-specific term gender-neutral term Chairman Chairperson Salesman/sales girl Salesperson/Sales staff Fireman Fire fighter Housewife Housemaker Waiter/Waitress Wait staff Spokesman Spokesperson Linguistic Bias against Women Our language is heavily loaded with a bias against women and we are trying hard to get liberated from it. Gender- specific terms like businessmen are being gradually replaced by gender neutral terms like business person or business executive some other such uses are;
  12. Gender Sensitivity across Cultures While communicating interculturally, we should be respectful towards the gender sensitivities of the other culture. • In traditional Islamic countries, the two genders do not normally interact, except in families. So women have to be approached preferably through female staff. A man trying to interact with women will be ridiculed or punished. So either there are separate shops and banks for female customers or there are sections within the same premises meant exclusively for women. This custom, if it exists somewhere, has to be acknowledged and respected. • If an Arab man runs his hand backward across