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5 Essential Step to Apply Canada PNP Easily

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Learn how many stage you have to pass to get PNP nomination if you apply through Canada PNP program. leave your query if any.

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5 Essential Step to Apply Canada PNP Easily

  1. 1. 5 Essential Step to Apply Canada PNP Easily
  2. 2. Submit an Express Entry profile The first step to get into any of Canada PNP is to create an account and file an application under to meet all requirements for at least one immigration program that will be accepted into Express Entry pool. You need to follow the instructions carefully while submitting Application details under Express Entry profile. You also require selecting the province or territory from drop-down menu. Thus, make Express Entry profile. There are mainly three federal immigration programs out of which you have sure you have provided correct information when you lodge application in Express Entry.
  3. 3. Get an Express Entry stream nomination (or have your nomination confirmed) If you have applied to any province or territory of Canada and they further agree to nominate you, firstly they confirm your PNP nomination through electronically. On submitting your profile, you need to give your Job Seeker validation code as well as Express Entry profile number. Afterwards, the Canada province or territory will use this information in order to confirm your PNP nomination with IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). After using this information, you will further get a message to your account that either to reject or to accept the PNP nomination. If you accept Nomination, you will be awarded with maximum 600 points.
  4. 4. Get an invitation to apply for permanent residence (once you have accepted your nomination) If you have accepted the Canada PNP nomination, you can apply for permanent residence. To apply, you must first get an Invitation to apply (ITA). If you get an ITA from Canada, you will receive a message in your accounts and then can apply through online mode. Moreover, you have 60 days in order to submit your online PNP application to apply for permanent residence after receiving ITA (invitation to apply). As additional 600 points will be allotted, these points will also help you to get an Invited to apply for Canada. Get Saskatchewan PNP process and information..
  5. 5. Fill out your application You need to fill out the application if you are invited to apply for Canada permanent residence. You also will get a letter to your account that tell you which program you have applied, how many immigration points you will be given, the time for submitting you application and what are the next steps you need to take. Keep in mind to upload all required documents as well as pay your amount of application fees. Afterwards, your application should be submitted electronically by your account. Find Manitoba PNP eligibility and selection process
  6. 6. If the Province or Territory withdraws your Nomination What to do if province withdraws your PNP nomination? You need to withdraw your profile from pool of Express Entry system and require submitting a new profile under Express Entry. Apart from this, if province withdraws your PNP nomination after you get ITA for permanent residence although you submit application, you should decline the invitation as well as withdraw current profile and submitting a new one. If in case you select to apply for permanent residence and Canada will reject your application, your fees amount will not be refunded. All Canada PNP Eligibility and guidance
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