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Superbowl 2015: what REALLY matters?

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10 vital marketing insights spotted during the Super Bowl 2015.
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Superbowl 2015: what REALLY matters?

  1. 1. Illustration: lapkoblog.blogspot.com
  2. 2. 'Let them talk, no matter what they say' - that doesn’t work anymore 1 Photo: fastcompany.com Nationwide was the most talked about brand online during this year's Super Bowl. But one of two broadcasted ads didn't earn the brand new followers. As much as 64% of mentions regarding Nationwide were negative. The ad was considered depressing. Nationwide: Make Safe Happen
  3. 3. You don't need 4.5 million dollars to be here2 Photo: fastcocreate.com Once again, Newcastle Brown Ale has shown how little they care about the fuss regarding Super Bowl halftime advertising time. The brand collaborated with 36 smaller, often local brands that couldn't afford such expensive commercial time. According to the creators, the inspiration for an ad shared with other marketers was the 'Sharing Economy' trend. Newcastle Brown Ale + 36 other brands: Band of Brands*
  4. 4. Nostalgia still does the job3 Photo: technabob.com Regardless of how hard marketers search for new ideas for their ads, nostalgia and inspirations drawn from things that interested us back in the day still do the job. This year's advertising section of Super Bowl was filled with memories of the past. It worked - all ads within this trend were received well by viewers, getting millions of views. Budlight: Real Life PacMan #UpForWhatever Snickers: The Brady Bunch BMW: Newfangled Idea
  5. 5. Ad withdrawal - bummer or strategy4 Photo: usatoday.com After complaints filed by animal rights groups, GoDaddy decided to change their ad a few days prior to the final (and broadcast) so it avoids criticism (the ad reportedly encouraged reckless pets purchases). The most important advertising time of the year, 4,5 million dollars spent and such rapid change? What's more - the new add was much worse than the original one. Sounds like a series of well-thought-of actions. It's strange that selling a little puppy was the reason for so many protests while no one paid attention to Mophie's ad where a car hits a homeless person on the street. Mophie: All-Powerless GoDaddy: Puppy
  6. 6. Girl Power & Dads that care5 Photo: fortune.com Women's power and men's love for their children - two strong messages which were present twofold. First, when the ads debuted in abovementioned brands' campaigns a few months ago and then on Sunday's night. It's good to see an ad in Super Bowl halftime where women are pictured in different, less chauvinistic way. (which unfortunately is still quite common) Procter&Gamble: Like a Girl Dove+Men Care: #realstrenght
  7. 7. Nissan and Youtube stars6 Photo: fastcompany.com Main Nissan's ad broadcasted during Super Bowl halftime was an example of 'Caring fathers' trend, but the brand conducted some interesting actions right before the final. In order to make some fuss about Nissan returning to Super Bowl halftime ad parade after 18 years, the company collaborated with 6 popular vlogers whose videos were already hugely popular a few days before the game. Roman Atwood's prank with a house full of colourful balls was the most popular one. It was the most viewed video linked to Super Bowl before the actual game. Nissan & Roman Atwood: Crazy Plastic Balls Prank
  8. 8. Social ads return to Super Bowl7 Photo: rollingstone.com One of the most talked about advertising campaigns of this year's Super Bowl which was sponsored by NFL authorities. An add that shows the problem of domestic violence and sexual assaults was inspired by a real life phone conversation between the victim and police dispatcher. It was summarised by an important statement reading: 'When it’s hard to talk, it’s up to us to listen'. Super Bowl 2015 breaks down the commercial-only event stereotype. Grey agency produced this ad pro bono. NFL: No More
  9. 9. Don't fantasise when the subject is serious8 Photo: youtube.com Coca-Cola: #makeithappen Cyber violence, yet another important issue, particularly popular among the youngest, was the topic a company specialising in spreading happiness tried to embrace. In my opinion that was the main flaw of the Coca-Cola ad. An important issue was presented in a particularly 'glittery' way. The world of cyber violence looks completely different and such problems cannot be solved that easy.
  10. 10. Emotions served right9 Photo: youtube.com McDonald’s: Pay with lovin’ In my opinion, McDonald's provided the best Super Bowl-inspired campaign which was further developed in its restaurants and continued after the event. In this case, the campaign was prolonged to 14th February due to Valentine's Day.
  11. 11. Advertise whatever you like. As long as you have the money10 Photo: adweek.com People who watched Super Bowl on Sunday usually don't buy planes worth 550 million dollars, but Northrop Grumman still decided to present their long distance bomber to broad public (what's interesting, the ad was only broadcasted locally). Other extreme choices included a medication for toes' infections (Jublia), free online games promoted by celebrities (Game of War or Clash of Clans), exclusive lingerie (Victoria's Secret) and... the fruit avocado (Avocado From Mexico). Just like in a supermarket. Northtrop Grumman: Hangar
  12. 12. @adamprzezdziek @adamprzezdziek