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Laying a Foundation for Startup Growth

Marketing tactics layered on a flawed foundation will fail. This presentation outlines what the foundational elements of a growth strategy are and how to leverage them in your startup marketing and sales efforts.

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Laying a Foundation for Startup Growth

  1. 1. Laying A Foundation for Startup Growth April Dunford, COO, Tulip Retail @aprildunford Rocketwatcher.com
  2. 2. Warning: You’re Going to Hate this Talk
  3. 3. Everyone Wants Marketing Magic
  4. 4. The Trick that Makes the Money Appear
  5. 5. On the Surface Marketing Seems Easy
  6. 6. The Tactics Are Easy to Learn There’s an “ultimate” guide for anything (millions of them)
  7. 7. But Startup Folks Never Say Making Money is Easy
  8. 8. Why is This So Hard?
  9. 9. Perfect Tactics On a Flawed Foundation FAIL
  10. 10. Foundational Elements
  11. 11. 1 Deep Understanding of your Target Customer
  12. 12. Target Customer Target Customer Unique Qualities Specific Pain Gathering Spots How They Learn
  13. 13. Story: How is the CEO of a manufacturing plant similar to a banker? They aren’t.
  14. 14. Story: That time my best inside sales rep taught me all my marketing programs were crap
  15. 15. 2 Clear, Customer-Oriented Messaging
  16. 16. Messaging Message What do we do? Unique Value Alternatives Proof
  17. 17. Story: Databases aren’t always Databases and Neither are Integration Platforms
  18. 18. 3 Understanding The Target Customer’s Buying Process
  19. 19. Understand the Buying Process Knowing the cost of not solving the problem Knowing the Value of solving the problem Knowing the value of your solution Why purchase now? Using and enjoy the offering Knowing I can’t do without the offering No Need Need Eval Buy Enjoy Re-new Current solution good enough Value not compelling Risks too high Not knowing how to evaluate Great but not for me I might change my mind Too much $ Bad service, Bad user experience Not using Decided there was no need Move to other solution Accelerators Friction points
  20. 20. Mapping Tactics to a Buying Process Buying Stage No Need, Need Eval, Buy Enjoy, Refer, Renew What Problem-Focused Content/Programs Solution-Focused Content/Programs Activation/ Engagement-Focused Content, Programs Examples Articles/blog posts, Industry data, trend reports, curated content Articles/blog posts, webinars, events, case studies, ROI calculators, advertising Support content, How to guides, Best practices guides Forums, User Conferences Where Where prospects are Partly where they are, partly your turf Mainly your turf Purpose Educate, Entertain, Engage Differentiate, move to eval or sell Experience value, create raving fans Action Permission to “market”: likes, follows, newsletter/blog signups Permission to “sell”: give contact info, trial sign-up, purchase Renewals, Referrals
  21. 21. Story: How I learned to love the Proof Of Concept
  22. 22. Thanks @aprildunford Slides: rocketwatcher.com