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Level Crossing Safety Concept

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Level Crossing Safety Concept

  1. 1. Асоциация “Приятели на железопътния транспорт” Railway Transport Friends Association Bulgarian member of European Passengers’ Federation 120 V. Aprilov Blvd, Plovdiv 4002, Bulgaria, tel: +359 889 111 149, web: www.railfriends.org, e-mail: railfriends@abv.bg LEVEL CROSSING SAFETY CAMPAIGN photo:dnevnik.bg Motivation: Railway Transport Friends Association is deeply concerned about the new case ofarrogant transport vandalism, where innocent people died. The train driver of the train 50604, the 40-years old Mr B.V.G., died after a crash with a snow cleaning truck, crossed the level crossing atLetostruy street - Sofia. Also we would like to point out the level crossing incident with the levelcrossing attendant Mrs M. D. who has been injured during his work at the level crossing near toFilipovo station - Plovdiv. Those incidents are hard violation of the Road Traffic Law, and a greatthreat to the road and rail vehicle passengers’ safety crossing trough the level crossing. Moreover,we would like to mention that Bulgaria has the lowest level crossing safety rate in EU. We hope that with the support of the National Railway Infrastructure Company we can beginthe media campaign. The campaign will include Internet banner, website, radio jungle and a videoadd and we hope all of this this exerts influence over all Bulgarian citizens, who do not care of theirown and other people lives. We also hope the statistics of such incidents becomes more optimistic ifsuch-like actions are undertaken as fast as possible. We would also like to point out that the damage expenditures in such cases done by theNational Railway Infrastructure Company and rail operators could be very big and are borne entirely
  2. 2. by the Bulgarian taxpayers. The moral damages, which are presented in the last incidents where aninnocent railway employee has been killed are unacceptable and intolerable. The commercial publications and advertisements in the media, radio jingles and video clipswill cost plenty of money for NRIC, because of the commercial nature of their activities. In thatcase we offer the leading organization of the campaign to be the Association (like the campaign ofrebuilding of the Childrens Railway). We will attract big number of media partners and journalists.The role of the NRIC will be as a major partner of the campaign and that kind of campaign wouldcost less money for National Railway Infrastructure Company budget. National policy:Strong participation of the legislative and executive authorities in the prevention campaign ofaccidents at level crossings. Our suggestions are: • Adopting more stringent legal measures against offenders, in order to reduce rail vandalism. • Fastening of installation and use of CCTV at all of the level crossings in the country. Funding must supported by the Traffic Police and Government. • Priority detection of offenders and long term suspension of their driving licenses. • Incensement of investment by State Road Agency related with the building of new overpass facilities, and especially in densely populated areas and busy rail and road traffic.General activities in the pilot project of the National Railway Infrastructure Company campaign forlevel crossings safety: • Establishing a public database for statistics about accidents at all level crossings. • Creating the public database with the safety offenders. • Propagating psycho-social profile of the safety offenders. • Preparation of PESTEL analysis. • Preparation of a SWOT analysis. • Creation of a special web site at the National Railway Infrastructure Company internet page with safety for information about level crossings. Activities of the campaign, which can be managed by the Association:A. Creating a web banner and site (we are in negotiations with few internet portals to provide space for banners). Site will include presentations of: • The policy of the National Railway Infrastructure Company about level crossings. • Presentations of the managerial experience of the National Railway Infrastructure Company with level crossings safety. • Risks related with the level crossings. • Measures to limit the risk at level crossings sites. • National Railway Infrastructure Company Strategy for level crossings safety. • Important initiatives and steps has taken by the National Railway Infrastructure Company to improve the resent situation. • Info channels and feedback.B. Creating a radio jungle like the Network Rail examples: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8TqAhqMoGo&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5EmIxuXGg8&feature=channel_pageC. Create a video like the Network Rail examples:
  3. 3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31UY5_2ggqQ&feature=channel_page http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxrmx8pgXMM&NR=1D. Enhancing the cooperation with Traffic Police, and coordination with their projects and priorities for reducing accidents at level crossings.E. Enhancing cooperation with the municipal authorities and coordination with their projects and priorities for reducing accidents at level crossings.F. Coordination and cooperation with the NGOs working in the field of traffic safety.G. Coordination and cooperation with the European Road Safety Authorities, Road Safety Charter, etc.