biochemistry biochemistry laboratory equipments mbbs medical medical devices biochemistry of protein hemoglobin metabolism biology fattyacids lipoproteins lipid westgard precision accuracy carbohydrate vitamin d biochemistry of vitamins biochemistry of cell molecular biology dna medicine preparative centrifuge analytical centrifugation dr anurag yadav energy nursing bds atp synthesis atp biological oxidation electron transport chain etc research icmr-sts icmr undergraduate atherosclerosis chemistry triacylglycerol cholesterol coenzymes vitamin b6 vitamin b1 biotin thiamin vitamin c spina bifida megaloblastic anemia thfa intrensic factor pernicious anemia folic acid folate vitamin b12 regulations pth normal level hypocalcemia hypercalcemia calcium metabolism calcium homeostasis calcium bone markers automation lj chart quality control pdca medical laboratory assurance quality tqm total quality management epimers isomerism benedicts test gag glycosamineglycans mucopolysaccherides iron deficiency anemia minerals iron metabolism iron albumin acute phase proteins electrophoresis of plasma proteins proteins plasma proteins tca cycle citric acid cycle vitamin k vitamin e vitamin a vitamins corads swab test diagnosis ards vaccination dyspnea dry cough fever cd8 cd4 humoral immunity respiratory droplets ace2 spike bat pandemic wuhan sars-cov2 techniques protein structure chromatography general intro to chromatography and types gas chromatography technique detail electrophoresis biochemistry of amino acids protein amino acid cell bilirubin thalassemia sickle anemia hemoglobin structure health corona virus covid 19 anurag yadav enzyme inhibitors classification isoenzymes enzymes spliceosome mrna hnrna hiv reverse transcriptase posttranslational modification dna to rna transcription dna repair mutation genetics biochemistry dna replication of dna dna replication centrifuge hscrp homocystiene myoglobin mpo papp-a fabp ima - ischemia modified albumin biomarkers htn ckmb mirna ischemia cirrhosis lipotrophic factors health and disease liver biochemistry of fatty liver biomedical thyroid hormone mechanism of thyroid hormone drugs endocrine human insulin mechanism of insulin action diabetes mellitus primary structure of insulin insulin cardiac biomarkers troponins miocardial infarction pro bnp centrifugat application of centrifuge osmometer application centrifugation ultra-centrifugation column chromatography hplc chromatography introduction complete technique spectrophotometry
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