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Tbex11 p rtools

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Online tools for managing time and working efficiently, geared toward PR-types working with bloggers. Presented at TBEX '11 by Angela Berardino and Ryan Whaley.

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Tbex11 p rtools

  1. 1. Time, Tools and TechnologyAngela Berardino, Turner PR @COTravelGirlRyan Whaley, Keystone Resort @ryanjwhaley
  2. 2. Agenda• Time Management• Tools• Keeping up
  3. 3. Time• Social Media isn’t FREE• Determine why you use social media• Plan for Social Media / Most impact• Time Chunk / Schedule• Priority information• Personal vs. brand
  4. 4. BrowsersFirefox & Google Chrome• Third Party Plugins• Evernote• StumbleUpon• Shareholic• ScreenGrab• TwitThat• Better Gmail 2• AdBlock Plus
  5. 5. Readers• Aggregate RSS feeds• Folder structure• Time chunk• Search• Tag• Share• Teams
  6. 6. Readers• Aggregate RSS feeds • News, Blogs, Twitter, Search• Folder structure• Time chunk• Search• Tag• Share• Teams• 50 + Google Reader extensions
  7. 7. File Sharing• Evernote• Dropbox• YouSendIt• Mediafire
  8. 8. •Evernote is a note-taking application; notescan be taken from your desktop, online,phone.•Each “note” can be either text, an image, afile, audio, etc.•Web clipping•Even text which shows up in a photograph issearchable via Evernote’s OCR technology•All of it is searchable & cloud-based•How we use it
  11. 11. •Online service that connects your inbox – andall contacts - to their social media activities•Combines Outlook or Gmail communication,online address book, LinkedIn contacts, andTwitter and Facebook networks to create anintelligent dashboard view of your connections.•Shows news, posts, links, documents you haveshared. Prioritizes contacts.•Works across devices
  12. 12. Tips for press trips• Introduce everyone in advance, via email. Share their social channels• Engage the destination brand channels with the media attending• Provide press with suggested local social channels to check out, if applicable• Hashtag the FAM• Take photos and video
  13. 13. Keeping up.
  14. 14. The future...
  15. 15. Angela Berardino, Turner PR @COTravelGirlRyan Whaley, Keystone Resort @ryanjwhaley