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Be Your Biggby Best

A Digital Media Strategy for Biggby Coffee Company for New Media Driver's License Summer 2012.

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Be Your Biggby Best

  1. 1. Be YourBiggbyBest!!A Digital Media Strategy
  2. 2. What Is Going On? When you search “Coffee” on Google, biggby.com does not come up first, second, or third. It falls under its competition Starbucks, Grand River Coffee and Make-at-Home Coffee.
  3. 3. How Do We Do This? Track the Results Begin the PlanWho are we focusing on? Identify the Use Social Evaluate the Target Media, Mobile Budget and Audience. Strategy and the Search Internet Engine Marketing to Optimization attract the results. Audience.
  4. 4. Identifying The TargetThe Target Audience is about 16-21. They are a group eager to grow up and givingthem a beverage that seems adult-like while still being sweet will entice them to look into your company. But how do you use that information?
  5. 5. What Do They Do? Most internet users are within the Target Audience. They often use the Top 10 Websites of 2011 With this information, you know where to target your ad campaigns in just a few steps!
  6. 6. Step 1: Social Media • There is no mention of the main Biggby Blogger “Felicity” on the main website. Under its Be Connected section is only a promotional calendar. The Blog should be under that section.• The blog cannot be placed underthe coupon in the e-mails. The blogwill not be read because most willstop after the coupon. • The Blog needs to be more visually interesting, because people don’t want to read an article, they want to read something fun!
  7. 7. Twitter and Pinterest All Information from The Social Skinny Twitter now has 140 million users Pinterest has become the third most popular site behind twitter Buyers and facebookreferred from Pinterest are 12% of 10% more The average likely to buy Twitter user has consumers something 126 followers. have and spend an purchased average of10% more than Pinterest is projected to a product visitors from account for 40% of online other social social media driven because of networks purchases by Q2 2012 info they found on Twitter With all of these prospects, Biggby needs to play a role in both sites!
  8. 8. FacebookFacebook is without a doubt the 1. Add a twitterfeed account to informmost popular site on the internet. followers on blog updates.With it comes a ton of options for 2. Continue the Community Photoyou to advertise with them. Contest to generate public interest. 3. Create a visually interesting Facebook ad. Use Cost-Per-Click to generate interest from the public. 4. Include ads on Facebook games, as Zynga makes up 12% of Facebooks annual income and games require ads to be seen by users.
  9. 9. Step 2: Mobile Strategy Foursquare, being part game, part social networking, can be very addicting for this age group. To add some excitement, some companies have given incentives for the “mayor” (he or she who “checks in” at that location the most frequently). This is something Biggby should offer to increase sales and excitement at their locations. Facebook allows for Ads for their games and makes their players watch them. Putting an ad in a game guarantees that your ad will be seen.
  10. 10. Step 3: Internet MarketingGoogle AdWords is based on Cost-Per-Click(CPC) marketing. They will put your ad at thetop or the side of the page. When someonesearches “coffee” it would be a great idea toput Biggby in a CPC environment so that theywould be ahead of their competition. This isgood, as 80% of all internet users see GoogleAds. Facebook also uses CPC for their ads but they allow for their consumers to target their audience by location, age, gender, “likes”, and activities.
  11. 11. Step 4: The Big Idea To fully reach the target audience, you need another large promotion, similar to the Biggby Birthday Celebration. The Biggby Birthday Celebration is the most successful day of the year. Adding another day like this with generated excitement over all forms of the internet (blog, facebook, foursquare, twitter, main website) with extra incentives to follow (like giving away coupons on the cup and offering the “mayor” of foursquare discount) will draw the crowds, build loyalty and increase internet traffic naturally.
  12. 12. BudgetFacebook and Google AdWords willgive you a daily budget between $50US Dollars and $5000 per day. Withthis campaign I feel it is better tospend more on theFacebookads(where more of your target audiencewill be located). At first, start withspending $300 per day as a trial runfor about a month. UseFacebookinsights because they’refree and see your reach of youraudience and keep an eye on yourfollowers.They should also set aside aFoursquare fund for the “Mayor” ofeach store.
  13. 13. ConclusionIf all 4 steps are implemented your SEO ranking should improve over your competition and your “likes” on facebook will improve as well as your twitter and Pinterest followers. You will truly be your Biggby Best.