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Developer Economics Q3 2015 - Key Insights

  1. developer economics: state of the developer nation Q3 2015 Key insights from the latest report Featuring*the*latest*developer** trends,*including:* 5  Cloud,*mobile,*desktop,*IoT* 5  Not*iOS*or*Android,*but*both* 5  AWS*vs.*Azure*vs.*Heroku* 5  Desktop*plaEorm*choices* 5  Top*languages*for*developers*
  2. Copyright*2015*VisionMobile* 2 Top*insights*and*graphs*from*the* new*Developer*Economics*report* * Based*on*a*survey*of*13,000+** mobile,*desktop,*cloud*and*IoT* developers* *
  3. Copyright*2015*VisionMobile* developer economics: the biggest Developer Research & Engagement Program Developer Economics is the largest, most global developer research & engagement program reaching more than 13,000 developers in 149 countries. Now in its 10th edition, the research program tracks developer experiences across platforms, revenues, apps, tools, APIs, segments and regions. Get answers to your custom questions via our bi-annual global Developer Economics surveys, reaching all regions and platforms 13,000+ developers from 149 countries tracked in the latest, June 2015 global survey, tracking platforms, tool and app categories, revenues & more! Access all our research data via 15+ interactive charts and 7+ filters Find out the insights behind the data via our exclusive Developer Stories Primary developer research Gain in-depth insights into the app economy and developer trends via our quarterly Premium reports Databoard service Premium reports
  4. Copyright*2015*VisionMobile* Trusted by the leading brands and media Past clients who have benefitted from developer economics Leading media channels quoting our research
  5. Copyright*2015*VisionMobile* Only 6% of developers describe themselves as female The developer nation is male- dominated. Only 6% of our respondents describe themselves as female, though the proportion was slightly better (10%) in North America. 1
  6. Copyright*2015*VisionMobile* 2 Currently 37% of all mobile developers target both iOS and Android, and we expect their numbers to grow Android remains by far the most popular platform overall; targeted by 71% of all mobile developers with 28% only using Android from the top 3 platforms (Android, iOS and Windows Phone)
  7. Copyright*2015*VisionMobile* 3 The most popular Cloud development platform is decidedly private (targeted by 44% of developers) Even Amazon Web Services, the biggest cloud by far, can only boast of being the primary platform for 16% of software developers, while 44% of them are happier to keep their clouds safely at home
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  9. Copyright*2015*VisionMobile* 4 2% of desktop developers are targeting Google’s Chrome OS, in the confidence that the day of the thin client is finally dawning 2% of the developers in our survey said they are specifically targeting Chrome OS, as opposed to creating applications for browsers which will also work on Chrome OS devices, which is surprising when the OS itself has negligible market share. Perhaps even more remarkable is the 10% of developers who include Chrome OS in their list of supported devices – showing a high level of interest in the platform even if that hasn’t yet resulted in boosted sales.
  10. Copyright*2015*VisionMobile*
  11. Copyright*2015*VisionMobile* 5 Smart homes are still the primary focus for developers Interest in IoT is still focused on the smart home, but retail, industrial, and wearables are also attracting attention from developers keen to turn interesting ideas into profitable products. At the other end we find the Smart City, Connected Car and Medical fields aren’t getting the same attention, despite high-profile deployments in those areas
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  13. Copyright*2015*VisionMobile* 6 The Swift language is growing, despite the fact that 16% of developers working in Swift aren’t making any revenue at all The rise of Apple’s Swift language has not been at the cost of Objective C developers – Apple has attracted a new wave of programmers who were, perhaps, intimidated by the perceived complexity of Objective C.
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  15. Copyright*2015*VisionMobile* 7 Mobile commerce developers are more than 3x as likely to make $100k+ per month than those monetising with ads Despite the obvious advantage of tangible commerce only around 10% of developers are trying to make money from it, with a much larger proportion (46%) looking to advertising for their revenue.
  16. Copyright*2015*VisionMobile*
  17. Copyright*2015*VisionMobile* 8 Cloud developers are most likely to be doing well, 67% of them are generating decent revenue (more than $500 a month) Cloud services developers have the best odds of making money although 43% of those interested in revenues still fall below our “app poverty line” of $500 / month. This outperformance of cloud services developers is interesting because there must be some kind of client, be it mobile app, desktop app or IoT device.
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  20. About developer economics Developer Economics is VisionMobile’s flagship research program, tracking the latest mobile, IoT, PC, and Cloud developer trends via our developer surveys and SDK analytics. VisionMobile runs the largest, most global developer surveys, collecting data from thousands of developers across the globe. We also x-ray tens of thousands of apps and identify the SDKs used to build them, creating a truly objective SDK ranking system. To find out more, visit
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