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Gamification Idol: Questions 1) Project Gamification Workshop 2010

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Gamification Idol: Questions
1) Project Intro / Elevator Pitch
What’s are you building? Why? For who? What’s the key benefit? Where’s the fun?
2) Player Journey
What’s the core experience / system in your game? What journey are you taking
players on? What does it mean to “play well”? What’s the intrinsic motivation?
3) Preferred PlayStyle and Social Actions
How do players want to engage? Who are they playing with? What’s their social
style? What key social actions will engage them?
4) Visible Progress
How will your game “light the way” along the player’s journey? How will players
know what to do? What techniques will you use to track and visualize progress?
5) Engagement Loops
What is engaging about your game? What will pull players back into the game at
different stages of their journey?