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12 Mobile Growth Tactics for App Launch, Acquisition and Retention

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These are the slides of a talk I gave at Le Camping, the most renowned French startup accelerator based in Paris.

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12 Mobile Growth Tactics for App Launch, Acquisition and Retention

  1. 12 MOBILE GROWTH by @adrienm TACTICS
  2. 1 out-of-market testing
  3. 4 months before launch $500 ads to acquire ~3k users
  4. quantitative testing Unbiased users ASO Conversion rates Retention rates bit.ly/tempotesting
  6. Dec 2012: The Viral Video
  7. 3 App store Featuring
  8. 2013: 700 000 downloads
  9. last week of 2013 (featured): 2.8 Million downloads
  10. increase chances Build a great app (excellent UI & UX) Use latest iOS innovations: iCloud, Game Center, Passbook, Apple Pay, Touch ID. Be universal: iPhone and iPad, EN/FR/ES/DE/IT iOS only Get in touch with Apple: 3 weeks before, at least.
  11. 4 app store optimization
  13. Ranking algorithm App Store: ! - Keywords in the app’s keyword set - Keywords in the app’s title - Nb of downloads on a specific period of time - Rating Google Play Store: ! - Total nb of downloads - App quality (engagement, uninstalls…) - Rating - Keywords - Nb of backlinks - Social proof (G+ & FB) Tools: AppCodes, AppAnnie, Sensor Tower bit.ly/asocheatsheet
  14. LOCALIZATION DOWNLOADS REVENUE 7 languages = 76% of the market
  15. StoreMaven
  16. 5 get amazing reviews
  17. Apptentive / Helpshift: in-app feedback and rating prompts
  18. hustling App in the Air Find bad reviews users and change their mind: ! - look for the nickname on Google - naming convention: “jdoe” => search “doe” in DB - use country in search - use social apps commented by this user
  19. 6 ad hypertargeting
  20. deeplinking = opportunities
  21. 7 channel experiments
  22. “You can’t share urls on Instagram and Snapchat” J. Miller (Product @Facebook)
  23. 8 externalize experience
  24. Blab enables non-users to watch videos sent by users without downloading the app.
  25. Tinder Tinder’s matchmaker: enabled non-users to be matched with other people by friends.
  26. 9 personalization
  27. 20% of your “users” will open your app only once Source: Localytics
  28. Tools: Yozio, Branch.io Airbnb
  29. 10 push notifications
  30. Ask for authorization before pushing the pop up.
  31. Timely + personal = win Tools: Parse Push, Appboy
  32. 11 gamification
  33. 65% of people stop using apps 3 months after install ! (Appboy)
  34. Foursquare
  35. 12 create a habit
  36. Shopkick
  37. Get the best articles and tools on mobile growth marketing: ! ! http://mobilegrowth.launchrock.co
  38. Thank you! If you need help or want to chat about your mobile growth strategy: ! amontcoudiol@gmail.com @adrienm