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Ionuţ anton

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Ionuţ anton

  2. 2. PROFESSION:I am a construction worker; I am self employed.I graduated the Faculty of Letters, majoring in Englishand French language and literature, but shortlyafter I finished my studies I started to work inconstructions.
  3. 3. MOTIVATION: Since I don’t have studies in this field, constructionhas always been a learning-by-doing experienceand I think I have learned a lot in my 8 years ofexperience. But with the constant development of newmaterials, I always have to keep up to date with thenewest and safest building materials, properventilation systems, ways to control moisture andmold, safety requirements.
  4. 4. PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE ON THIS ISSUEI work with various building materials every day. Myknowledge related to the topic of this workshop isstrictly related to my previous experience as aconstruction worker.I have had many good and bad experiences that Ihave learnt from, but I still have many things tolearn.The main challenge I face is to build/modernize safeand healthy houses at reasonable prices, sincemost of my customers cannot afford expensivebuilding materials.
  5. 5. MY EXPECTATIONS to improve my knowledge related to the topic; to share good practice examples with other peopleinterested in this topic; to learn more about other European countries andcultures; to build friendship relationships with otherparticipants in this workshop.