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An Innovation Ecosystem for Game-Based Learning

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The 2011 version of a talk I have given in recent years about game-based learning in K-12 education.

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An Innovation Ecosystem for Game-Based Learning

  1. 1. Video Games  & EducationBuilding A Sustainable Innovation EcosystemHWW Media, Telecom, Entertainment & Hospitality SummitOctober 11, 2011
  2. 2. A Vision Highlighting the Convergence of Video Games, 3D Visualization & Education “A Vision for 21st Century Learning”
  3. 3. The Digital Native Plays Games……and Lots of Them! 500M worldwide play video games; 183M in U.S. alone! 97% of boys under 18, 94% of girls under 18 report playing videogames regularly 5M gamers spending 40 hours a week gaming – as much time as a full‐time job! Source:  Jane McGonigal, “Reality is Broken”
  4. 4. Social Games Are Dominating Consumers’ Leisure Time Source:  Challenger, Gray & Christmas (Consulting Firm)
  5. 5. “Gamification” is a Successful Consumer Marketing Tool Table illustrates the interaction of basic human desires and game play. The green dots signify the primary desire a particular  game mechanic fulfills, and the blue dots show the other areas that it affects.  Source:  Bunchball Gamification 101 Whitepaper
  6. 6. “Gamification” in Digital MediaSource:  Bunchball Gamification Playbook 4‐2011
  7. 7. “Gamification” Tackling Child ObesityExample:  Zamzee, A HopeLab Subsidiary
  8. 8. Research Has Shown That Games Lead To Successful Learning Outcomes Experiential  Learning Inquiry‐ Feedback based  Learning Learning  Outcomes Cooperation Goal Setting Self Efficacy
  9. 9. However, GBL Products Have Not Reached Critical Mass Distribution Model Illustrative Examples Direct‐To‐Teacher Direct‐To‐District Direct‐To‐Student Bundled with Teacher Training Via 3rd Party Large Textbook  Publishers “Games to Laptops”  Via Installed Hardware Base Initiative Co‐Development with School Source: Mayo “Bringing Game‐Based Learning to Scale”
  10. 10. Some Innovative GBL Products Do Show Promise Subject Areas Illustrative Examples Language Learning Civics/Social Studies Financial Literacy Observation: None Directly Target "STEM"
  11. 11. What is the Problem? 1. Schools must be redesigned to become intrinsically motivating environments. 2. GBL products are not being deployed "disruptively." 3. A "Sustainable Innovation  Ecosystem" must be constructed.
  12. 12. We Must Deploy GBL Disruptively Primer:  The relative economics of sustaining versus disruptive innovations Christensen’s DIF significantly outpaced the Cambridge Associates 10  Year Venture Capital Index! Source:  Clayton Christensen & Michael Horn, “Disrupting Class:  How Disruptive Innovation Will Change The Way The World Learns”
  13. 13. Maybe We’re Putting The Cart Before The Horse? From the mainstream Ed Tech establishment: "It must fit into my comfort zone" "Don’t call it Edugames, call it a lab" "Show me how to incorporate it" "Must align to standards and fit into a class period" THIS IS CALLED "CRAMMING"
  14. 14. The Golden Rule of Disruptive Innovation: Target Areas of Non‐Consumption Recorded  Sold to music listeners  who did not attend  Music concerts Initially only worked for  Telephone local calls Focus on individual songs  Downloadable  versus entire albums – music industry phased out  Digital Media singles in 1990s Project‐based learning;  Game‐based  eLearning;  new charter  school designs; after school  Learning??? programs; new territories,  low achievers
  15. 15. Traditional Education Value Chain Under Market Pressure New Entrants Online Textbooks New School Models,  Philanthropic Support Blended Learning Virtual Schools Major Foundations New Political  Intervention
  16. 16. Textbook Publishers are Partnering with and/or Buying Their Innovation Organizational  Investments Strategic Partnerships Realignment Incumbents Do Not Create Disruptive Innovation
  17. 17. How Do You Implement GBL in K‐12? Target Non‐ Consumption  Areas For Pilot  Schools Approach  Mainstream  Suggested GBL  Perform  Schools When  Efficacy  Conditions Are  Disruptive  Research Favorable Implementation Plan  Sell To Non‐ Consumption  Areas, Other  Distribution  Channels
  18. 18. We Must Create a Sustainable "Innovation Ecosystem" Definition: Innovation that lays a foundation for  true global competitiveness and leadership. Strategic Focus  +  Idea Generation +  Translational Pathways +  Financial/Infrastructural/Human Capital  =  Innovation Ecosystem Source: Shirley Ann Jackson, PHD “Expediting Serendipity: Building An Innovative Ecosystem” 10/09
  19. 19. Government Funding Alone Will Not Create A SustainableInnovation Ecosystem Old Model New Model Economic development is a  Government drives  collaborative process involving government at  economic development  multiple levels, companies,  through policy decisions and  teaching and research  incentives. institutions, and private sector  organizations.  Examples of Best Practices • South Korea (Korea Industrial Complex Corporation – KICOX) • Singapore’s National Institute of Education Source: Michael Porter, “Regional Competitiveness in a Global Economy,” 5/18/09
  20. 20. What Are The Implications for HWW Clients? Encourage traditional educational publishers to take aggressive steps to create a “culture of innovation” Venture capital funds Autonomous “new ventures” units not held to same accountability as core businesses Create mechanisms to cultivate and nurture entrepreneurship Learn from Netflix, but communicate better! Turn market disruption into an opportunity, not a crisis Target new distribution channels, new customers, new territories Most progressive markets are, in fact, outside the United States Use real option theory to manage uncertainty
  21. 21. Any Questions??HWW Media, Telecom, Entertainment & Hospitality SummitOctober 11, 2011