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Northern california private security guards

Outstanding solutions for a variety of security needs! AGP is one of the few San Francisco security companies that offer world-class security services. Be it residential or commercial security, we’ve got you covered.

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Northern california private security guards

  1. 1. American Guard Protection, Inc. is among the top Security Companies In The Bay Area that has the complete range of security solutions for all your personalized or corporate needs. We provide highly trained professional guards both unarmed as well as armed and cover you personally and discreetly. INTRODUCTION
  2. 2. AGP provides exceptional quality security solution for executive protection. Specially trained, experienced and licensed agents are there for customized celebrity protection services. Best protection for celebrities, high-profile executives and dignitaries. Celebrity Protection Services
  3. 3. American Guard Protection - armed and unarmed security service in the Bay Area… Unlike other security companies in Berkeley, CA, AGP customizes its services to you needs and budget. Fully-licensed and trained security guards are provided for you security needs. Security Companies Berkeley, CA
  4. 4. Unparallel, full-time security service in San Francisco! AGP is your dependable agency for commercial, residential and individual protection. Uniformed security guards, executive protection, vehicle patrol services and more services tailored to meet your security needs. Security Services San Francisco .
  5. 5. American Guard Protection employs the Best Oakland security guards to provide you the service you deserve. We tailor our solutions and provide you trained and certified armed guards who’re capable of meeting your highly sensitive security needs. Oakland Security Guard
  6. 6.  Best security service for businesses and property owners, provided within a short notice of 4 hour.  Emergency, temporary, short-term, long-term, overnight, full-time and part-time security. Express Security Services
  7. 7. Contact Us Website: www.americanguardprotection.com Address: 1475 Powell Street, Suite 107 Emeryville, CA 94608 Business Email: Sales@americanguardprotection.com Cell: (510) 545-9300 Office: (510) 653-9900