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Using blogs to develop a personal learning network

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My ABA Post-grad talk on using blogs for development of PLNs

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Using blogs to develop a personal learning network

  1. 1. Using Blogs to Develop a Personal Learning Network Amalia Cochran, MD, FACS, FCCM Burn Center at the University of Utah @AmaliaCochranMD AmaliaCochranMD.com
  2. 2. Goals for the next 10 minutes  Explain the idea of blogs  Understand the spaces that blogs can occupy in medicine  Recognize the value of personal learning networks @AmaliaCochranMD AmaliaCochranMD.com
  3. 3. What is a blog?  Contraction of “Web log”  Almost ubiquitous presence on the internet  Can find blogs on almost any subject you are interested in!  “Spontaneous expression of instant thought.” - Andrew Sullivan “Why I Blog” (The Atlantic, November 2008) @AmaliaCochranMD AmaliaCochranMD.com
  4. 4. Blog types in medicine The personal…the professional…the personal AND professional @AmaliaCochranMD AmaliaCochranMD.com
  5. 5. Personal Learning Network  Definition: An informal community that allows for reflection and collaboration as a life-long learning exercise  Types:  Synchronous  Asynchronous  Semisynchronous  Blogs fill semisynchronous/asynchronous spaces because they can be almost real time…or when you have time @AmaliaCochranMD AmaliaCochranMD.com
  6. 6. Using a blog effectively  Be consistent  Decide what your posting frequency is, then stick with it! Readers won’t “attach” to you unless you do so.  Also…choose things that tend to be your “topics.” That also brings reader loyalty and interest  Be thoughtful  It’s not a rant. Or if you do want to rant, find a way to make it constructive/ thoughtful/ something others can learn from.  It can be a great extension of your academic work and persona.  Be authentic  Unlike your professional writing, this is a place where people can really “hear” your voice. @AmaliaCochranMD AmaliaCochranMD.com
  7. 7. Have FUN! @AmaliaCochranMD AmaliaCochranMD.com
  8. 8. Be aware  Recognize your audience  Do NOT commit a HIPAA violation. Please. I beg you.  The Grandma C. Litmus Test: What would your Grandma think if she read what you are sharing?  Recognize your responsibilities  PLNs are a two-way street; engage with your readers!  Recognize if you are going down the rabbit hole  See next slide… @AmaliaCochranMD AmaliaCochranMD.com
  9. 9. Stages of PLNs http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2414/2384289406_e7ed48ae84.jpg @AmaliaCochranMD AmaliaCochranMD.com
  10. 10. A closing thought “Blogging, though, is where I have the most fun with [that] expertise, and make it the most freely available. “- Rohan Maitzen, PhD @AmaliaCochranMD AmaliaCochranMD.com