fyba english mass communication american literature revised syllabus cse university of mumbai american english british english indian english communication skills varieties of english reaction against neoclassicism romanticism romantic age - introduction 19th century literature tyba english paper 7 study material communication skills in english university of mumbai syllabus sem i fyba communication skills in english maria edgeworth mary shelley frances burney mary wollstonecraft jane austen women writing in the age of romanticism background topics. rise of women writers in the r 19th century english literature i paper vii subject: english tyba semester v major contributors. essayists and novelist. the romantic reviaval movement. prose. fictional pr. vii tyba elements involved in the communication process process of communication definitions of communication meaning of communication nature of communication nature of each media applied component mass communication digital media merits and demerits electronic media print media traditional folk media channels of mass communication hemingway hero manolin santiago novel introduction ernest hemingway the old man and the sea literary terms literature sylvia plath confessional poetry
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