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Plural and singular form

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Plural and singular form

  2. 2. VOCABULARY BANKTomato juice A bottle of Banana Cook SomeDrinking One clove of Slice of Water a few a little Knives Omelet Fish A pond of Knife A cunk Drink To Slice A jug of To make Many Egg Tomatoes Thirsty
  3. 3. REGULAR PLURAL FORMBanana tomatoesTomato MangoesMango Bananas Egg Eggs
  4. 4. IRREGULAR PLURAL FORM Some nounsKnife  Knives that end in –f or -ef Fish  Fish Some nouns have OR the same singular and plural form  Fishes Fish Some uncountable food types have of drinking water A bottle their container / quantity expressions Two bottles of water
  5. 5. QUANTITY EXPRESSIONS LIQUID a glass, a bottle, a jug of water, etc. CHEESE a slice, a chunk, a piece of cheese MEAT a piece, a slice, a pound of meat
  6. 6. SUMMARY OF THE DAYSINGULARword used when talking or writingabout one thingPLURALa word or form which expressesmore than oneof or relating to the form of a
  7. 7. SUMMARY OF THE DAY ACTION FROM SINGULAR REACTION OF PLURAL FORM EXAMPLE FORMREGULAR FORM Nouns that end in Adding –s or -es Egg  Eggs consonant letter Some nouns that Adding -es Tomato  Tomatoes end in –oIRREGULAR FORM Some nouns that Changing into -ves Knife  Knives end in –f or -ef Some nouns have Have no changes Fish  Fish the same singular OR and plural form Fish  Fishes Some uncountable Adding –s or –es in A bottle of drinking water food types have the countable form Two bottles of water their container / of that noun phrase quantity expressions
  8. 8. SUMMARY OF THE DAYquantity expressionsArticle that can attach in plural and singular nounliquids (water, beer, wine, etc.)  a glass, a bottle, a jug of water, etc.cheese a slice, a chunk, a piece of cheesemeat  a piece, a slice, a pound of meatbutter  a bar of butterketchup, mayonnaise, mustard a bottle of, a tube of ketchup, etc.
  9. 9. HOME FUN ACTIVITY Open up your refrigerator after you arriving at home See the goods that stated inside of refrigeratorTake a Picture of the Inside Area of Refrigerator Then Print It Out Stick your picture in a piece of paper Try to arrange sentences based on your picture
  10. 10. Sentences:
  11. 11. Exercise COOKING I need two eggs to make egg scrambleSCRAMBLE I need two egg to make egg scrambleBUY SWEET Buy me a bar of chocolate THINGS Buy me a stick of chocolate TO SLICE I need a knife to mix the meat MEAT I need a knife to slice the meatPOPEYE LIKE I need a bunch of spinach TO EAT I need a slice of spinach TO MAKE Mother buys 5 fishes in the marketFRIED FISH Mother buy 5 fish in the market