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2.11.2013 King Street Station

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Waiting Room Plaster Work Update

  • Thank you for sharing this! It's extremely interesting. The public appreciates what you are doing, and the workmanship involved. They just don't make these buildings like they used to! Good job!
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2.11.2013 King Street Station

  1. 1. Phase 2B In this slide show:Waiting Room Plaster Work Update February 11, 2013
  2. 2. The waiting room looking east towards the trackside. Most of the vertical plaster work has beencompleted.
  3. 3. A northeast view towards the future Men’s room.
  4. 4. A view looking north towards Amtrak’s new ticketing area. New lighting for the waiting roomand the second floor balcony with be LEDs to maximize efficiency.
  5. 5. The beautiful quarter circle balcony is almost fully repaired. The original damaged terrazzo floorhidden under the plywood will also be repaired.
  6. 6. A view looking southwest. The original plaster is in surprisingly good condition. The new maincenter chandelier will be a replicate with high powered LEDs for illumination.
  7. 7. A section of ceiling along the east wall with its final glossy white finish, similar to the originalcondition when the station was first opened to the public in 1906.
  8. 8. The mustard color shown is oneof several paint colors appliedover the years. The final colorfor the plaster will be white asseen here.
  9. 9. Due to aesthetic reasons a sprinkler system will not be installed in the waiting room. Instead,beam smoke detectors and 7 double door exits will ensure safe egress during emergency.
  10. 10. The waiting room west wall will get anew 3 feet diameter clock.
  11. 11. Left: Looking into the newstairwell in the waitingroom.Right: Looking at the waitingroom from inside the newstairwell.Bottom: The new stairwaywill provide public access tothe second floor balcony.
  12. 12. New marble column panels were beinginstalled next to the main waiting area.
  13. 13. New and original plaster pieces mergetogether seamlessly.
  14. 14. Multiple elevated scaffolding was installed to aid in plaster restoration.
  15. 15. An original plaster detail shown with its damages repaired.
  16. 16. All tower levels will havereinforcements over its originalcross frames. 4 new additionalcolumns were also installed foradditional load bearing on eachfloor. The brick walls and floorslabs are in mostly goodcondition. An identifieddamaged section on the 9thfloor was repaired.