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What is All-America Selections?

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A simple description and explanation of the non-profit trialing organization, All-America Selections

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What is All-America Selections?

  1. 1. What is All-America Selections?
  2. 2. A non-profit organization, founded in 1932 by Ray Hastings, that promotes new garden varieties judged to have superior garden performance in impartial trials throughout North America.
  3. 3. AAS is the oldest, and most trusted national trialing organization in North America, supported by breeding companies.
  4. 4. Entries Breeders enter new, never-before-sold cultivars to be judged in one of four categories: 1. Seed Ornamentals (flowers & foliage grown from seed) 2. Vegetative Ornamentals (flowers & foliage grown from cuttings) 3. Edible/Vegetables from Seed (self- explanatory!) 4. Herbaceous Perennials (perennials that die
  5. 5. AAS Trials Sites in U.S. and Canada 1. Seed Ornamentals – 40 sites 2. Edible/Vegetable – 28 sites 3. Vegetative Ornamentals – 18 sites 4. Herbaceous Perennials – 24 sites Total of 80 AAS Trial Judges!
  6. 6. AAS Trial Site: Dallas Arboretum
  7. 7. AAS Trial Site: Rotary Botanical Gardens
  8. 8. AAS Trial Site: Green Bay Botanical Garden
  9. 9. • Horticulture professionals • Seasoned trialing experts • Unpaid – they volunteer their time • Unbiased - cannot judge their own entries • The core of our success AAS Trial Judges
  10. 10. What qualities make an AAS Winner?  Better tasting vegetables  Longer blooming annuals  Superior disease resistance  Unique colors or qualities  More flowers or fruits per plant AAS Winners must out-perform other similar varieties on the market in order to win the AAS Winner designation
  11. 11. After the Trial; Introduction Criteria  Breeder gives the variety a marketing name  Breeder submits publicity photos  Seed/Cuttings in inventory  Germination tests results are submitted  Product is priced and ready to ship Now it can be declared an “AAS Winner”
  12. 12. Publicity After Introduction To: • Seed Companies • Distribution chain • Growers • Retailers • Garden Writers • Bloggers •Consumers
  13. 13. Publicity Program Robust website:
  14. 14. Publicity Program Implementing Social Media: • Pinterest • Facebook • Instagram • Twitter • Slide Share • Etc.
  15. 15. Publicity Program Display Gardens Almost 200 public gardens grow and display the past five years of AAS Winners.
  16. 16. Display Garden: Dallas Arboretum
  17. 17. Display Garden: Denver Botanic Gardens
  18. 18. Display Garden: Michigan State University
  19. 19. Display Garden: Miami University, Hamilton Conservatory
  20. 20. Display Garden: University of Saskatchewan
  21. 21. Display Garden: University of Delaware
  22. 22. Display Garden: MSU South Mississippi State University