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High performance queues with Cassandra

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  14. Some specific requirements 2 Message Queue External Service Provider Redeliver after 1 hour Redelivery business logic and external service hourly based usage limits
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  18. System components: Message MESSAGE = REAL REQUEST DATA WITH UNIQUE ID 1ST FIELD 3rd FIELD { field data} MESSAGE ID 2nd FIELD { field data} { field data} ID FORMAT ALLOWS 4096 MESSAGES PER MILLISECOND FROM ONE NODE Timestamp 44 bits Counter 12 bits Cluster node ID 8 bits
  19. System components: Batch • Open for at least 1 second • Closing if opened for > 10 seconds • Closing if has > 100 messages Ascending columns ordering 1ST MESSSAGE ID 2nd MESSAGE ID 3rd MESSAGE ID BATCH ID { opt message data} { opt message data} { opt message data} ID FORMAT REQUIRE BATCH TO BE OPENED FOR > 1 SECOND Timestamp Rounded to seconds Cluster node ID + Batch Type Last 3 digits
  20. System components: Queue • Similar to batch • Unlimited • May have batches with past time Ascending columns ordering 1ST BATCH ID QUEUE NAME 2nd BATCH ID 3rd BATCH ID { processed at } { processed at } { processed at }
  21. System components: Broker batches polling BROKER check batch time process batch PROCESSOR QUEUE lock batch for processing ZOOKEEPER • • • • • Natural pre-fetch thanks to batches Easy to control messages processing Simple concurrency model Easy scalable between nodes No high loading on Cassandra
  22. System components: Processor PROCESSOR
  23. System components: Processor PROCESSOR OK
  24. System components: Processor PROCESSOR
  25. System components: Processor PROCESSOR redeliver on failure ANOTHER BATCH • • • • Tries to process messages as quickly as possible On error just redeliver message Messages are processed concurrently Any redelivery business logic is easy to implement
  26. Warnings and benefits • Message and batch must be checked before processing • Hard to explain “queue” size • Separate columns for status tracking of message • Perform correct compaction from time to time • Expected loading is handled with single node • Everything works on commodity hardware • Single storage for all data • System is easily scalable and reliable (no message was lost)
  27. Show me the code!
  28. @xpinjection