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Performance management

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Presentation given to WordCamp Buffalo 2016

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Performance management

  2. 2. WHY SHOULD I CARE? • Save money? • Look better? • Keep clients!
  3. 3. COMPUTER PERFORMANCE Computer performance is characterized by the amount of work accomplished by a computer system or computer network compared to the time and resources used. Depending on the context, high computer performance may involve one or more of the following: • Short response time for a given piece of work • High throughput (rate of processing work) • Low utilization of computing resource(s) • High availability of the computing system or application • Fast (or highly compact) data compression and decompression • High bandwidth • Short data transmission time As defined by Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_performance
 after release Monitor
 before release Monitor
 before your client calls you
  5. 5. MONITOR BEFORE RELEASE • PHP profiling (for plugin and theme developers) • Database analysis (for plugin developers) • Load testing
  6. 6. PHP PROFILING • Analyze your application with a PHP profiler such as BlackFire.io, New Relic, or xdebug/cachegrind • Look for high number of calls, especially apply_filters, mysql calls, and wp_cache_get
  7. 7. PAGE PROFILING • Page weight • CSS weight • JS execution
  8. 8. DATA ACCESS • Use a tool such as New Relic to look through number of calls to database • Optimize calls when rolling out your own table structures and ensure there are proper indexes • Reduce number of plugins, widgets and shortcodes can cut down on database access
  9. 9. LOADTESTING • wrk (https://github.com/wg/wrk) • Siege (https://www.joedog.org/siege-home/) • http_load (http://acme.com/software/http_load/) The simple ones
  10. 10. BUT WAIT,WHAT ABOUT WEBDRIVER… • Great tool for real world and/or transactional testing • Need lots of computing power • Harder to script
  11. 11. IT’S LIVE! Monitor
 your server Monitor
 your users Monitor
 your app
  12. 12. BEATYOUR CLIENTTO RESOLUTION • Set up application-based alerts via New Relic • Set up server monitoring via DataDog or New Relic • Set up 3rd party monitoring (New Relic, Pingdom)
  13. 13. PRODUCTION METRICS • Response times / latency
 Specifically for dynamic content serving • Error rate
 For both server and client • Process availability
 Is my Apache, Nginx, PHP-FPM, MySQL or memcached up? • Number of connections
 Every machine has its limits, play within it • Memory utilization
 You do not want to use swap • Database QPS that actually matter
  14. 14. BEST WAYTO AVOID DOWNTIME IS… add redundancy add redundancy test your redundancy
  15. 15. SOME CHEAP WAYSTO SPEED UPYOUR WORDPRESS SITE • Google mod_pagespeed • Varnish • W3TC or WP SuperCache • fewer plugins Caveat: not a one size fits all solution, so test and measure
  16. 16. Prevention is the best kind of performance management me
  17. 17. @alan_lok Thanks!