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Role of DBAs in CLOUD ERA - AIOUG Hyd Chapter - Oracle Cloud Day

  1. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. 1 Role of DBAs in the Cloud ERA Satyendra Pasalapudi Director – Cloud Services Apps Associates Feb 11th 2017
  2. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. 2 About Me Satyendra Kumar Pasalapudi Director –Cloud Service at Apps Associates Co-Founder & President of AIOUG @pasalapudi
  3. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. 3 Performance. Growth. Excellence. Global Reach – US, Europe, India •  Founded in 2002 with HQ in Boston, MA •  $65M+ Annual Revenue •  850+ Associates •  150+ Active Customers Mature Delivery Model •  GoTo Partner for Oracle Cloud ERP •  CMMI Level 3 & SOC 1 Appraised •  Premier AWS Partner for Oracle and Migration Competencies Long Term Focus on Customers and Associates •  30 customers with 5 & 10 year relationships •  40 associates with 5 & 10 year anniversaries •  Learning & Development and Mentor programs •  5% of Revenue Invested in L&D •  10+ years of Average Oracle experience •  15+ years of Average Business experience Integrated Delivery Processes •  Projects & Managed Services •  Flexible Global Delivery ModelOur Strategic Partners
  4. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. 4 GeneraTonal Change for Enterprise (IT) Ÿ  Cloud supports mission cri/cal workloads ─  87% of Enterprises use Cloud for Mission CriTcal ApplicaTons Ÿ  Cloud use in the enterprise con/nues to grow ─  Half of the Enterprises say they will use cloud for at least 75% of their workloads by 2018 Ÿ  No one cloud fits all ─  More than half (53 %) of enterprises use two(2) to four(4) cloud providers Source: Verizon 2016 State of the Market: Enterprise Cloud report
  5. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. 5 Cloud – Probable to Inevitable Ÿ  GE undergoing most important transformaTon in 140 year history ─  9000 ApplicaTons to AWS & to 4000 ApplicaTons ─  300 ERPs (two years back) to more manageable ─  34 Data Centers to 4 Data Centers Ÿ  By 2020 - US$15b of Soeware Revenue Ÿ  Changes ─  People - Reduce Outsourcing ─  Technology - Build Approach for things that mafer ─  20% of ApplicaTons in Cloud as of today ─  70% of ApplicaTons by 2020 in Cloud Source: AWS 2015 Keynote – Oct 6 2015 OOW Keynote with Mark Hurd Oct 26 2015 ─  Service Management ─  Network Perimeter ─  Risk Based Security Controls ─  Self Service and AutomaTon ─  Financial Transparency
  6. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. 6 Hybrid Cloud Framework HR FIN SCOM SALES PROCUREMENT PLANNING DW / BI
  7. History of Data Management Systems Magne/c tape “flat” (sequen/al) files Pre-computer technologies: PrinTng press Dewey decimal system Punched cards MagneTc Disk IMS RelaTonal Model defined Indexed-SequenTal Access Mechanism (ISAM) Network Model IDMS ADABAS System R Oracle V2 Ingres dBase DB2 Informix Sybase SQL Server Access Postgres MySQL Cassandra Hadoop VerTca Riak HBase Dynamo MongoDB Redis VoltDB Hana Neo4J Aerospike Hierarchical model 1960-70 1940-50 1950-60 1970-80 1980-90 1990-2000 2000-2010
  8. 3rd Plamorm drives new demands on the database: •  Global high availability •  Data volumes •  Unstructured data •  TransacTon rates •  Latency A single architecture cannot meet all those demands. Why?
  9. 2005
  10. 2009
  11. The Role of Data is Changing
  12. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. 12 UnTl now, QuesTons you ask drove Data model New model is collect as much data as possible – “Data-First Philosophy”
  13. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. 13 Data is the new raw material for any business on par with capital, people, labor Data is the new raw material for any business on par with capital, people, labor
  14. We Need Tools Built Specifically for Big Data
  15. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. 15 Hadoop and it’s Eco System •  Scale out Easily •  Parallel Computing •  Commodity Hardware •  Solves some Problems •  Complex to Run •  Special Skills to Maintain
  16. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. 16 We know we want collect, store, organize, analyze and share it. But we have limited resources
  17. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. 17 The Cloud Optimizes Precious IT Resources i.e. Skilled People with automation(DevOps/SysOps)
  18. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. 18 Operational RDBMS (Oracle, SQL Server, …) In-memory Analytics (HANA, Exalytics …) In-memory processing (Spark) Hadoop Web DBMS (MySQL, Mongo, Cassandra) ERP & in- house CRM Analytic/BI software (SAS, Tableau Web Server Data Warehouse RDBMS (Oracle, Terradata …) Changing Architectures
  19. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. 19 What is VirtualizaTon? •  It is a abstracTon of computer hardware resources Virtualization technology emulates real — or physical — computing resources, such as desktop computers and servers, processors and memory, storage systems, networking, and individual applications. A hypervisor — also known as a virtual machine manager (VMM) — allows multiple “guest” operating systems to run concurrently on a single physical host computer. Types Ø  Hardware Virtualization Ø  Full Software Virtualization Ø  Para virtualization Ø  Hardware-assisted software virtualization Ø  Component or resource virtualization Virtualization players in market
  20. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. EvoluTon of VirtualizaTon Types •  1st Generation: Full virtualization (Binary rewriting) –  Software Based –  VMware and Microsoft Time •  3rd Generation: Silicon- based (Hardware-assisted) virtualization –  Unmodified guest –  VMware and Xen on virtualization-aware hardware platforms •  2nd Generation: Para virtualization –  Cooperative virtualization –  Modified guest –  VMware, Xen Dynamic Translation Virtual Machine Hardware Operating System Virtual Machine … Hypervisor Hardware VMVM Hardware Virtual Machine Virtual Machine … Virtualization Logic Hypervisor …
  21. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. 21 Reasons for VirtualizaTon? Server Consolidation Server Provisioning Backup/Restore Hosting/ Cloud Computing
  22. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. 22 Types of Hypervisors Oracle VM VMware vSphere KVM Xen Hyper-V VirtualBox VMware Fusion VMware Player VMware Workstation Gues t OS Gues t OS Gues t OS Server Hypervisor Type 1 – Native (Bare metal) Gues t OS Gues t OS Gues t OS Operating System Hypervisor Server Type 2 – Hosted
  23. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. 23 VirtualizaTon in a nutshell Virtualization : Running multiple machines on a single hardware “Real” hardware invisible to OS OS only sees an abstracted out picture Only Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM) / Hypervisor talks to hardware Traditional Environment Virtualized Environment
  24. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. 24 Pros and Cons – Full VirtualizaTon •  Pros –  Disaster recovery, failover –  Virtual appliance deployment –  Legacy code on non-legacy hardware •  Cons – LATENCY of core four resources –  RAM performance reduced 25% to 75% –  Disk I/O degraded from 5% to 20% –  Network performance decreased up to 10% –  CPU privileged instrucTon dings nearing 1% to 7%
  25. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. 25 Cloud EvaluaTon ConsideraTons Running Oracle On Cloud
  26. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. 26 Key ConsideraTons for running Oracle on Cloud Oracle Database Compute Storage / Shared FS Load Balancing & Network Backup / Cloning Security Performance
  27. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. 27 AWS vs Oracle IaaS - Terminology AWS ORACLE IaaS Compute Instance Type (EC2) Shape CPU VCPU OCPU Block Storage ElasTc Block Storage Storage Volume Object Storage AWS S3 Object Storage Archival Storage AWS Glacier Archive Storage Snapshots EBS snapshot Storage Volume Snapshot Network Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Virtual Cloud Network Load Balancer ElasTc Load Balancer Oracle Traffic Director Images Amazon Machine Images (AMI) Machine Images Data Centers in a Region Availability Zones (AZ’s) Availability Domains (AD’s)
  28. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. 28 RelaTon between Oracle compute cloud objects instance Image list Public IP (IP reservaTon) SSH Public Key Storage volume Shape Used to create Used to create attached to attached to associates with Protocol (secapplicaTon) Network group (seclist) IP list (seclist) Access rule (secrule) associated with source inused in Source/destination in 10 1
  29. NoSQL
  30. Name Site Counter Dick Ebay 507,018 Dick Google 690,414 Jane Google 716,426 Dick Facebook 723,649 Jane Facebook 643,261 Jane 856,767 Dick 675,230 NameId Name 1 Dick 2 Jane SiteId SiteName 1 Ebay 2 Google 3 Facebook 4 5 NameId SiteId Counter 1 1 507,018 1 3 690,414 2 3 716,426 1 3 723,649 2 3 643,261 2 4 856,767 1 5 675,230 Id Name Ebay Google Facebook (other columns) 1 Dick 507,018 690,414 723,649 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 675,230 Id Name Google Facebook (other columns) 2 Jane 716,426 643,261 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 856,767 BigTable (Wide Column) data model
  31. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. 31 Scalability Requirement
  32. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. 32 Is RDBMS Scalable?
  33. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. 33 Scaling Out RDBMS
  34. Web servers Database Servers MemcachedsS ervers Shard (G-O) Shard (P-Z)Shard (A-F) Read Only Slaves
  35. CAP Theorem says something has to give. •  CAP (Brewer’s) Theorem says you can only have two out of three of Consistency, ParTTon Tolerance, Availability Consistency Everyone always sees the same data Availability System stays up when nodes fail Par//on tolerance System stays up when network between nodes fail RDBMS lives here Eventual consistency No go zone
  36. Major influences on non-relaTonal •  Eventually consistent transacTon model •  Consistent hashing Amazon Dynamo •  Column Family model for sparse distributed columnar data Google BigTable •  Paved the way for the document database OODBMS and XML DBs
  37. Dynamo Consistent Hashing A C B F D H E G Rowkey=”johnny” Hash= -6.7e10 Node=H Hash values -4e10 To -8e10
  38. Dynamo Consistent Hashing A C B F D H E G Rowkey=”johnny” Hash= -6.7e10 Node=H First write 2nd Write 3rd Write 2nd Write 3rd Write Node on a different rack Node in a different data center
  39. Document databases •  Structured documents – XML and JSON (JavaScript Object NotaTon) become more prevalent within applicaTons •  Web programmers start storing these in BLOBS in MySQL •  Emergence of XML and JSON databases
  40. MongoDB
  41. Sharding Architecture Linear scaling and replica/on •  Elastic Auto Sharding (split, add, contract) Store •  Writes to elected node with flexible durability •  Reads from any node in shard Shard M R R Shard M Shard R R R R Application NoSQL Driver M Shard R R M •  Auto re-balance of data on expansion Expand
  42. Oracle Sharding (beta) Shard Directory Coordinator And Catalog DB Replica 1 Shard 1 Replica 2 Shard 2 Replica n Shard n Shard Chunks Shard 1 Shard Chunks Shard 2 Shard Chunks Shard n Shard Directory Coordinator And Catalog DB Shard Director Shard Director Shard Directors Application SQL including shard keySQL without shard key 1 4 2 3 5 6 Database Client Router (Mongos) Config server Config server Shard 2 (mongod) Config server Config server Config Server (mongod) Config server Config server Shard 1 (mongod) Config server Config server Shard 3 (mongod) 1 1 1 23
  43. On Premises Oracle CloudSame Architecture Same Software Same Skills Hybrid Cloud Integrated and Hybrid Cloud database soluTon Database Cloud Service
  44. Databa se Ready for Use Allocate Compute Allocate Storage Set Keys & Privileges Request for Service Provision OS Install & Configure Database Configure Tools Configure Access Configure Backups Reduced time and complexity to provision database services Increased standardization of the “fleet” Also use to deploy Maximum Availability Architectures Benefits Automated database and infrastructure provisioning and administraTon Database Cloud Service
  45. Automated DBA and Patching Backup/Recovery plus HA & DR Simple Provisioning Any Language Maximum Security Local and Remote Management Oracle Cloud – Security By Default Database Cloud Service - AutomaTon
  46. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 47 Capture Trail Route Deliver Pump GoldenGate Cloud Service GoldenGat e Database as a Service Hadoop as a Service* Database Cloud Service Exadata Cloud Service Big Data Cloud Service GGCS GGCS GoldenGate Cloud Service ü  Real-time Data Replication Service in Oracle Cloud via Subscription or Hourly basis Key Benefits ü  Changed Data delivery is more effective than batch processes ü  No Data Loss reliable and proven core GG technology ü  Realtime Data always up to the moment replication & visibility 3rd Party Cloud ü  Migrate from Amazon any database from AWS RDS ü  Deliver to 3rd Party Clouds from on-premise databases 3rd Party Cloud GoldenGate
  47. © Copyright 2016. Apps Associates LLC. 48 Oracle Database Cloud – Summary of Services
  48. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. 49 Cloud DBA DBA/ NoSQL 60% Network Admin 10% Storage Admin 10% Automa/on 20% = + + + Prepare yourself for * as a service
  49. © Copyright 2017. Apps Associates LLC. 50
  50. Thank You!