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Alex MacLennan

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Two piece case for iPad

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Alex MacLennan

  1. 1. Alex MacLennan
  2. 2.  August Dice High School Student Limited Budget Likes Exceptional Products
  3. 3.  Wide variety of available cases Sample A Sample B Sample C Three examples of iPad Cases
  4. 4.  Retail cost <$20 Unique in Appearance Target person preferred Sample B Sample B preferred for wood design Protects iPad from damage and liquids
  5. 5.  Ideas included:1. Stand-up case2. Crank to power charger3. Book Style case
  6. 6.  Final case was made of two pieces Included wood design Target person did not like book style case
  7. 7.  Simplifying design to cut costs Use of interchangeable parts Lighten structure
  8. 8. • Made of driftwood to remain lightweight• Picture frame style shape is sets it apart from others• Made of two identical, simple to make parts to reduce cost• Has built in notches carved into the case to allow for removal