Circle Triangle - Design MBA Experience Studio

  1. teaching design to kids in extreme environments
  2. What are we going to talk about today . What’s the big idea . Research 1 . What do designers play with as kids . Research 2 . Kids play in extreme environment . Synthesis and Frameworks
  3. The Big Idea
  4. What’s the big idea design thinking for kids in extreme environments
  5. What’s the big idea design thinking for kids in extreme environments
  6. Our Scope Open framework for kids 4 to 12 1.8 billion kids
  7. kid’s in Oakland
  8. Kid’s in Pakistan
  9. Kid’s in Thailand
  10. What do designer’s play with as kids! Research
  11. What do designers do as kids For our research 6 cities 9 countries 25 designers
  12. "I drew pictures on the side walk with chalk" ~ Ankuhou “When I was around the age of 4-5 my grandmother set out a HUGE sheet of butcher paper and threw down a pile of pens and markers in front of me” ~ Justin Boyce
  13. LEGOs, legos, legos! They were my all time favorite toy. Between legos and my sandbox I built entire worlds. ~ Michael McDaniel! Taking every toy apart I had and not being able to put them back together. ~ Andrew Nairn
  14. "I would look at the jungle and forest and create stories." ~ Deven "Art is alive; you get to express and explore new things..." ~ Mario
  15. Kids in extreme environments play with what! Research
  16. Explore
  17. Draw
  18. Build
  19. Play
  20. Build Draw Play Story Team Explore
  21. Puzzles Sketch Make Aesthetic Build Draw Paint Blocks Past Present Play Organize Future Story Team Dance Capture & Song the Flag Explore Drama Kickball Ride Journey Push
  22. Play
  23. Play People
  24. Play People Environment
  25. Next Steps
  26. Where do we go from here! !"#$%& !"#$
  27. !"#$%&' thank you