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Wpwp digital tools

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Wpwp digital tools

  1. 1. DIGITAL TOOLS FORDIGITAL LEARNERS Andrew Halter Instructional Coach Hampton Township School District
  2. 2. Please go towww.digitaltoolsfordigitallearners.wikispaces.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aX0-nqRmtos
  3. 3. How Do You Relate?Please complete Task #1 on the TASK PAGE
  4. 4. Response devices
  5. 5. Please complete Task #2 on the TASK PAGE
  6. 6. • Forms tool for creating surveys, quizzes and more• Collaborative writing and Powerpoint presentations• ―Paperless‖ collection and grading of written work
  7. 7. Share Something!Please complete Task #3 on the TASK PAGE link
  8. 8. • http://www.gizmag.com/etymotic-ety-kids-safe-listening-earphones/19743/ http://www.topnews.in/playing-active-video-games-does-help-kids-stay-fit-263731Photo Credits: • • http://www.google.com/imgres?um=1&hl=en&safe=active&client=firefox-a&sa=N&rls=org.mozilla:en-
  9. 9. i.e. the ―digital natives‖ are restless (or resting)!
  10. 10. Tony Wagner Harvard Graduate School of EducationKeynote Address, PDE Annual Conference 1/12/2011
  11. 11. “The principle goal of education is tocreate men who are capable of doing new things, not simply of repeating what other generations have done - men who are creative, inventive and discoverers”
  12. 12. Source: http://www.leadered.com/rrr.html
  13. 13. Why Technology?Please complete Task #4 on the TASK PAGE link
  14. 14. Teacher InputStudent Output
  15. 15. Teacher InputStructure Guidance FacilitationStudent Output Adapted from: www.cfisd.net
  16. 16. Formative Assessment
  17. 17. Quiz TimePlease complete Task #5 on the TASK PAGE link
  18. 18. ex 2 ex 2Survey/quiz creation tools
  19. 19. Chatrooms andDiscussion Boards
  20. 20. BackchannelPlease complete Task #6 on the TASK PAGE link
  22. 22. WAYS TO WIKI• Classroom Resource Center• Discussion Platform• Individual Student Portfolios• Flexible Grouping Tasks• Web-quests• Project Based Learning
  23. 23. CLASSROOM WEBSITE/RESOURCE• http://rakersmath.wikispaces.com/• http://rossienglish.wikispaces.com/• http://shuhistory.wikispaces.com/• http://msbrooksenglish.wikispaces.com/Into+the+Wild +Lit+Circle+Projects
  24. 24. INDIVIDUAL AND CLASS PORTFOLIOS• http://explorersreadingclass.wikispaces.com/• http://isearchenglish10-6.wikispaces.com/• http://ruggerienglish09-10.wikispaces.com• http://thomsonenglish.wikispaces.com/• http://emmettenglish.wikispaces.com/• http://aesstudyskills.wikispaces.com/
  25. 25. COLLABORATION• http://wsp1.wikispaces.com/• http://evolutionintheclassroom11.wikispaces.com/• http://mrceccarelli.wikispaces.com/• http://heranicleclerc.wikispaces.com/• http://Msbrooks.wikispaces.com
  26. 26. PROJECT BASED ASSESSMENT• http://grammarstuff.wikispaces.com/• http://mrceccarelli.wikispaces.com/Modern+Materials+Application+Assignment• http://shakesbook2011-12.wikispaces.com/• http://msdrenaissance.wikispaces.com/• http://msbrooksenglish.wikispaces.com/Into+the+Wild+Lit+Circle+Projects• http://mrsdietzhort.wikispaces.com/Central+Project+Intro+Information• http://hms-weaver.wikispaces.com/Explorers+Project+Honors
  27. 27. WEBQUESTS• http://webler.wikispaces.com/Heart+of+Darkness• http://millersmathclass8.wikispaces.com/
  28. 28. BLOGS• Independent Reading Reflections• Reader Response Journal• Relevance and Connections• Creative Voice Blogs• KWL logs
  29. 29. BLOG EXAMPLES• http://bonaparte01.edublogs.org/• http://mrsthomsonenglish11.edublogs.org/• http://emmett1.edublogs.org/• http://scupps.wordpress.com/
  30. 30. DIGITAL STORYTELLING• Animoto • http://ruggerienglish09-10.wikispaces.com/ANIMOTO_4 • http://pillarhms.wikispaces.com/Seymour%2C+Jacob+Edwin • http://pillarhms.wikispaces.com/Gust%2C+Alexander+David • http://shuhistory.wikispaces.com/Govi%2C+Ryan+Michael• Photo Story • http://kennelly2.wikispaces.com/ • http://mrsdietz.wikispaces.com/ • Duck Project
  31. 31. • Movie Maker/iMovie/WeVideo • http://rakersmath.wikispaces.com/Vodcast • http://www.teachertube.com/videoList.php?pg=uservideolist&user_id=512370 • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFH8R_CHCk4 • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qki9z6QJVIg • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQIc6MFkB4w• Power Point • Se Vende project
  32. 32. PODCASTINGIpods/Ipads, Smart Phones, Aviary, Audacity, Garage Band • http://ruggerienglish09-10.wikispaces.com/Period+4+Podcast+Page • http://thomsonenglish.wikispaces.com/ • Cultural Geography Example • http://interviewsofinsight.wikispaces.com/Home
  33. 33. OTHER PROJECT TOOLS• Glogster/Notaland• Wix • http://www.wix.com/jamiepillar/castles • http://www.wix.com/jamiepillar/africa-webquest • http://www.wix.com/shumake3/medieval-life • http://hmsskype.wikispaces.com/• Toon Doo/BItstrips• http://pillarhms.wikispaces.com/Seymour%2C+Jacob+Edwin• Go Animate/DomoNation • Example• Extranormal
  34. 34. TOOLS TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER• Jing—record screencasts of lessons (also can be done on SMART or Promethean board) • http://www.teachertube.com/videoList.php?pg=uservideolist&user_id=51807• Delicious and Diigo-Social bookmarking tools that allow you to tag, organize and share web resources. Browse my resources at: http://delicious.com/AHalter• I Google –set up a functional, customizable home page• Dropbox—like having an M drive you can access anywhere• TheDigitalShift- resource website• Bagotricks—resource blog• Tools4Students-student project resource
  35. 35. WHEWW!!!• We covered: • Formative Assessment tools • Dynamic Classroom Resources with Wikis and Blogs • Digital Storytelling Tools • Many other web 2.0 tools along the way My Goal… to inspire you, not overwhelm you!
  36. 36. Time to Explore!Please complete Task #7 on the TASK PAGE link
  37. 37. TIPS FOR TRYING • Find one tool and run with it • YOU don’t have to be the expert • Share student work • Monitor and adjust • Shout successes!
  38. 38. SOME SUGGESTIONS…• Design a lesson that integrates one of the tools mentioned in today’s workshop.• Begin/build a class resource wiki or a project wiki--start simple and expand throughout the year• Plan a lesson that offers a technology based assessment option (Animoto, Photostory, Glogster, Toon Doo, Wix, Wiki design, etc.)
  39. 39. http://www.wegivebooks.org/books/goodnight-ipad?auto_launch=1
  40. 40. Exit TicketPlease complete Task #8 on the TASK PAGE link Thank you!