artificial intelligence 6th edition george f luger it infrastructure architecture data center roots and scope top-down network design sixth ed sajaan laak networking requirements interoperability iot industrial design what is interview sajaan lak sajaan documenting your network design. chapter 14 chapter 13 optimizing your network design. testing your network design. chapter 12 chapter 11 selecting technologies and devices for enterprise chapter 10 selecting technologies and devices for campus netw chapter 9 develop network management strategies. developing network security strategies. chapter 8 chapter 7 selecting switching and routing protocols. chapter 6 chapter 5 designing a network topology. designing models for addressing and naming. characterizing the network traffic. chapter 4 chapter 3 characterizing the existing inter-network. chapter 2 analyzing technical goals and trade-offs. chapter 1 analyzing business goals and constraints predicate calculus sixth ed chap 2 sixth ed chap 1 network with iot iot network flexibility devices felexibility data center network design intro to data center data center architecture data center services types of server farms data center topologies dc network application architecture attack on wireless networks hack wireless network attack on layers attack on physical layer 2.5 mobile networks 2.5 cellular networks 2.5 networks second and half genertaion 2.5g second generation cellular networks second network tecnology second generation 2g first generation networks ist generation of cellular networks first generation 1g responsibilities of interviewer factors effect interview responsibilites of interviewee how to face questions what type of question interviewer may ask how to answer the questions bad factors in interview responsibilities of the interviewee factors effect the interview
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