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OUR APPROACHTogether with you, we analyse your specific situation and needs. With the help of testing on-site, we then det...
AEC systems          AIR EMISSION CONTROL High Tech Campus 9 5656 AE Eindhoven   The NetherlandsT +31 (0)40 851 90 10F +31...
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AEC Systems Air Emission Control

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Specialist in air scrubbers and other clean air solutions.

AEC Systems focuses on providing clean air solutions for a variety of industries. We provide consultation, design, production, installation and maintenance for air scrubbers and other techniques.


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AEC Systems Air Emission Control

  2. 2. AEC SYSTEMS – YOUR PARTNER FOR SOLUTIONS TO ODOUR AND EMISSIONS PROBLEMSAEC Systems specialises in the purification of process air produced by various industries.AEC Systems consults, designs, produces, installs and maintains air purification systems.For us, everything revolves around the individual customer and that customer’s problem.We will investigate possible solutions to the air emissions problem in partnership with you,where appropriate by means of testing and measurements on-site. We will then designthe optimum system - with a focus on minimising energy consumption and environmentalimpact as well as reducing emissions.ABOUT USOur company is founded on very extensive experience (established in 1994) in designing,producing, supplying and maintaining technologies to reduce air emissions. We strive todesign and supply the ideal solution for each customer. In doing so, our primary focus is onthe following areas:Significant reduction of emissions of polluting compounds to airUse of sustainable materialsHigh reliability of the systemLow energy consumptionMaintenance that is simple and fast to implementWe want to be your reliable partner in every step of the process. Thanks to a thorough SYSTEMS SUITABLE FOR THEanalysis of the problem conducted together with you, we are able to recommend the FOLLOWING SECTORSoptimum solution for the air emissions problem. Waste processing Biodiesel BiogasINDUSTRIAL EMISSIONS Composting Rendering plantsThe government is increasingly restricting emissions from polluting components via Aromas and flavouringsventilation and/or process air. Odour nuisance is an increasingly frequent problem, one Pharmaceuticals industryreason being the increasing shortage of space in residential areas. Homes are being built Laboratoriesever closer to industry, increasing the chances of nuisance from odour. The list shown Mixed feedshere summarises a number of industries in which the production process involves odour Pet foodemissions. AEC Systems designs and supplies systems to effectively capture these odour Sewage treatmentemissions. Abattoirs Foods and related sectorsOUR SOLUTIONEmissions requirements are getting tighter and tighter worldwide. AEC Systems offersyou various emissions reduction technologies to help your company to comply with them.Solutions for emissions of:odourammoniahydrogen sulphideSOx (shipping)VOCdust  
  3. 3. OUR APPROACHTogether with you, we analyse your specific situation and needs. With the help of testing on-site, we then determine the best solution. You canentrust the complete process from design, through production and assembly to operationalisation to us. Moreover, as a full service partner, we canalso maintain the systems for you. Why choose AEC Systems?Years of experience in air purificationEasily accessible system, simple maintenanceLow operating costs (low air resistance)Easy-to-understand operation with touch screenRemote monitoringWET SCRUBBERSOdour is made up of a large number of different compounds, most of which dissolve easily in water. Wet scrubbers use water as the transfermedium. The compounds which cause odours dissolve in water in the scrubber and are filtered out of the air in this way. The air is washed usingwater. In order to limit the use of water, substances are added to the water which increase its capacity to absorb. If the air flow contains dust, it isalso possible to make a dust scrubber the first scrubbing stage.VENTURI SCRUBBERSA Venturi scrubber uses the kinetic energy of an airflow to achieve dust removal through collisions. The airflow contaminated with dust is acceleratedthrough a narrow section which causes the speed of the airflow to increase from 45 to 120 metres per second. Water is injected before the accelerationoccurs and nebulised by the high speed of the airflow. Dust particles collide with and are encapsulated by millions of tiny water droplets. In order toprevent an accumulation of dust on the intake side of the Venturi, a sharp transition is maintained between the dry and wet zones.Where the Venturi opens out beyond the narrow section, the static pressure is reduced by means of a reduction in the speed of the airflow. The airflowsaturated with water changes direction in a bend through which water flows, after which the air enters a cyclone. In this cyclone, the droplets are“hurled” out of the air. Clean, droplet-free air exits the Venturi scrubber via the demister.BiofiltersA biofilter makes use of biologically active material, the biomass. In most cases, the biomass is made up of a mixture of, for example, compost,heather, coconut fibre and root wood. The pores of the biomass within which the micro-organisms are found are filled with water, partially free andpartially fixed on the surface of the fixed material. During the passage of the contaminated air through the filter, the polluting substances move fromthe gas phase to the liquid phase. The micro-organisms then break these compounds down. To achieve this conversion, the micro-organisms needphosphate, sodium and calcium. These nutrients exist in a continuous cycle. However, some of these nutrients are drawn out of the biomass over time.It is therefore necessary to occasionally replace the biomass.When starting up a biofilter, there are already micro-organisms present in the biomass. The quantity of organisms is not sufficient to break downthe polluting substances, so these organisms first need to multiply. It therefore takes a certain amount of time before a biofilter achieves optimumperformance.AEC Systems – YOUR PARTNER FOR SOLUTIONS TO ODOUR AND EMISSIONS PROBLEMS
  4. 4. AEC systems AIR EMISSION CONTROL High Tech Campus 9 5656 AE Eindhoven The NetherlandsT +31 (0)40 851 90 10F +31 (0)40 410 01 15 info@aecsystems.nl www.aecsystems.nl