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Informal Settlements Maps

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Informal Settlements Maps presentation at the UN World Data formum in Cape Town
-- January 2017

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Informal Settlements Maps

  1. 1. Data, Community Media & Government Jan 2017 Adi Eyal Photo Credit: Tom Stoddart @soapsudtycoon @code4sa
  2. 2. We use technology and data to help people make informed decisions that drive social change. Photo Credit: Darryn van der Walt
  3. 3. Khayelitsha 30kms from Cape Town CBD Photo Credit: Social Justice Coalition
  4. 4. Khayelitsha 30kms from Cape Town CBD Source: Google Maps
  5. 5. Partners not adversaries 146,000 households in 437 informal settlement pockets in Cape Town. Many were established before democracy but are still not recognised as permanent and their residents lack occupation rights and security of tenure.
  6. 6. Original scanned in PDF from the City (why oh why?) Image credit: Christian Schnettelker (www.manoftaste.de)
  7. 7. Digitised and liberated dataset (get it while it’s hot) https://data.code4sa.org/dataset/Informal-Settlement-Matrix/bky6-3za5
  8. 8. Photo credit: Social Justice Coalition Video interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8q2bH71IFNM The people behind the numbers
  9. 9. Photo credit: Johnny Miller | Unequal Scenes https://www.millefoto.com/unequalscenes/
  10. 10. Chr Photo credit: Social Justice Coalition Video interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gz05AQfPiU The people behind the numbers
  11. 11. Chr Photo credit: http://mshengutoilethire.co.za/ Mshengu Toilet
  12. 12. Media Response
  13. 13. Citizen engagement
  14. 14. Asithandile is one of 3 000 residents of informal settlements to participate in and make a submission to the City of Cape Town’s 2016/2017 draft budget for better sanitation service delivery
  15. 15. Government response & Project Impact
  16. 16. All stakeholders need to come to the party in order to realise real change
  17. 17. Special thanks to Julia Renouprez for a Herculean effort scanning, digitising and geocoding Contact us Email: info@code4sa.org Twitter: @code4sa Web: http://www.code4sa.org Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/code4sa/ Kindly supported by: