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How to Develop Your Mobile Strategy

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How to Develop Your Mobile Strategy

  1. 1. How to Develop Your Mobile Strategy
  2. 2. ● We’re recording this webinar & will send out links to the recording and slides. ● Please submit your questions in the GoToWebinar console on the right of your screen. Welcome To Today’s Webinar Justin Thorp Senior Manager, Marketing Operations AddThis @thorpus
  3. 3. We help companies optimize marketing effectiveness with tools and audiences powered by extraordinary interest-based behavioral data.
  4. 4. ● We showed our mobile-friendly overlay to many of you as you exited the landing page for this webinar. ● We featured a relevant mobile strategy article we thought this audience might enjoy. ● The result? A 17% click through rate. Drive Results with Audience Targeting Our New Offerings Help to Drive Engagement
  5. 5. Today’s Speakers Brian Lacey CEO at Mobomo @FreedomNutz Malena Lopez Project Manager at Mobomo @Spunky_Mal
  6. 6. We are a creative design and engineering agency. We create elegant products to solve complex problems.
  7. 7. @mobomoapps Agenda Audience Environmental Factos Responsive First Mentality Why have a mobile strategy?1 Building your plan Engaging a Shop Post-Launch Momentum How to get started3 Websites Apps Shake & Bake: Deploying on both platforms Understanding the role of mobile2
  8. 8. A mobile strategy is no longer a “nice-to-have”. While desktops and laptops are the most common device used for searching the Internet, the shift to mobile, is quickly closing that gap. Why Develop a Mobile Strategy? @mobomoapps
  9. 9. @mobomoapps Why Develop a Mobile Strategy? The majority of Americans already use mobile phones or smartphones for search. Phones have overtaken PC Number of Global Users (Millions) 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2,000 1,800 1,600 1,400 1,200 1,000 800 600 400 200 0 Mobile Desktop Source: comscore, Morgan Stanley Research
  10. 10. Type of information produced and consumed. Current and Future Demographics. Your Audience @mobomoapps
  11. 11. @mobomoapps The Future of Mobile This shows the popularity of smartphone ownership and emerging mobile devices like Smartwatches. 80% OF INTERNET USERS OWNS A SMARTPHONE
  12. 12. Environmental Factors @mobomoapps Pipe Devices Solution 3G Speeds. It’s your lowest connection speed Uncontrollable and consistently evolving screen sizes Think Consumable Content First.
  13. 13. Responsive First Because of these combined things: Have an API First Mentality where you are crafting consumable API content that any platform or device can display. This is out of your control, so you need to craft content that can go anywhere. Responsive First (not just mobile) because of the Internet of Things (IoT) @mobomoapps
  14. 14. @mobomoapps Strategy: What are your bussiness goals?
  15. 15. Most smartphone users download zero apps per month Apps represent 50%+ of time spent on digital media Poor discovery features On store cost per user/ download: $2.80-$3.00 Majority of time is on the user’s single most used app (Facebook, etc) Understanding Mobile: The Uncomfortable Truth @mobomoapps
  16. 16. Mobile Website vs Mobile App Mobile Website = Reach You’re doing this to hit the largest audience @mobomoapps
  17. 17. Content sharing nowadays shouldn’t require an app, fastest path is mobile website. Your website has to be responsive now to rank higher on Google. Cost of doing business, no longer optional. Mobile Website Vs Mobile App @mobomoapps
  18. 18. Mobile Website vs Mobile App Mobile App = Rich Experience You know your audience (user & device) and the goal of the app is a stand alone product or augment existing services. @mobomoapps
  19. 19. You need to invest in marketing and pushing the download to succeed. Users have decisions to make and your app is easier to lose: Storage and battery usage. “Storage full” is a reality for many people, the heyday of “all the apps” isn’t feasible anymore. Mobile Website Vs Mobile App @mobomoapps
  20. 20. @mobomoapps Shake & Bake Deploying on both platforms Pinterest as an example Allows app-free content consumption, offer personalized app as well
  21. 21. Mobomo Examples Our clients drive up to 40% of federal government website traffic—millions of visitors. @mobomoapps
  22. 22. @mobomoapps Initial planning Content = Consumable In-House Development or Engage a Dev Shop Launch Consider a soft launch Post launch tracking Feedback How to get started: Build Your Plan
  23. 23. @mobomoapps How to get started: Set Goals Define your business Product, service, or something else? What are your business goals? Leverage your social media Build your MVP - You should be embarrassed to show it Analytics - define and track early and often! Analytics is key on both mobile and website Pros/cons
  24. 24. @mobomoapps We see over and over that our clients face the same challenges, they want to: Common Elements
  25. 25. Building Internally @mobomoapps In-House app development Know the required technology Define Team roles Cost Consider available resources and services Pros/cons
  26. 26. Engaging a Dev Shop @mobomoapps Engaging a Dev Shop Google References Proposals Pros/cons
  27. 27. @mobomoapps Services
  28. 28. Engaging a Dev Shop @mobomoapps Keep in Mind Does the shop offer strategic planning? Does the shop offer design? What kind of software development is used? Details Scope of work Timeline Maintenance Costs Services
  29. 29. @mobomoapps Mobomo uses agile to create your product quickly and efficiently Our Process
  30. 30. @mobomoapps 1 - 4 Week Sprint Every 24 hours Burndown/up Charts Daily Scrum Meeting Finished Work Sprint Review TASK BREAKOUT Sprint Backlog Sprint end date and team deliverable do not change T Scrum Master Sprint Retrospective P
  31. 31. @mobomoapps Tools we use Project Management Confluence wiki, reports, documentation Jira sprint planning, bug tracking Code Management Code Repositories centralized private code hosting, versioning, backups Hosting Staging and Production Ecommerce Open Source Ecommerce Platform Intridea Partner
  32. 32. Post-launch Momentum: Prepare to spend money @mobomoapps Social Media Campaign Blog Partnership Advertisements Search Engine Optimization Long-term Marketing
  33. 33. Tracking and Feedback @mobomoapps What does it mean? 1. It can help improve a product or service. 2. It offers the best way to measure user satisfaction. 3. This data is vital to your phase 2 or a pivot in product or service development
  34. 34. Actionable Insights @mobomoapps Mobile optimize your current site Install and track website analytics Brainstorm your next steps.
  35. 35. @mobomoapps Thank You! Brian Lacey Malena Lopez CEO brian@mobomo.com malena@mobomo.com Project Manager
  36. 36. Thank You Gracias Merci Danke