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The Roles & Responsibilities of a Facilitator

Good facilitators can make a huge and varied contribution to an organisation. Here, we point out some of the roles and responsibilities that facilitators have, starting with the key difference between content and process...

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The Roles & Responsibilities of a Facilitator

  1. 1. The Roles & Responsibilities of a Facilitator
  2. 2. Facilitators are clear a about the difference between content and process
  3. 3. Content v Process
  4. 4. What v How
  5. 5. Content agenda terms subjects for discussion decisions made goals tasks problems being solved
  6. 6. Process methods tools being used procedures rules or norms set group dynamics climate how relations are maintained
  7. 7. Facilitators manage the process and leave the content to participants
  8. 8. Good facilitators can make a huge and varied contribution to an organisation…
  9. 9. They help group members define their aim
  10. 10. Set specific objectives and goals
  11. 11. Instruct members on how to assess needs
  12. 12. Help participants become time effective and highquality decision makers
  13. 13. Provide feedback to the group…
  14. 14. …so they can measure progress and make adjustments where needed
  15. 15. Facilitators emphasise the importance of communicating effectively, and ensure members know how to do this
  16. 16. They create a positive environment where employees can work productively and reach shared group goals
  17. 17. Facilitators manage conflict by implementing a collaborative approach
  18. 18. They offer support and advice to members in managing their own personal dynamics
  19. 19. Download the Expert Guide for facilitators at www.activepresence.com/ meeting-facilitation-skills
  20. 20. www.activepresence.com/meeting-facilitation-skills