The Magic of flutter Comex oman 2019

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10. Apr 2019

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The Magic of flutter Comex oman 2019

  1. The Magic of Flutter By : Ahmed Abu Eldahab @dahabdev
  2. Ahmed Abu Eldahab Senior Technical Consultant Google Developer Expert in Flutter /Dahabdev
  3. Mobile Platforms
  4. Mobile Platforms
  5. Mobile Platforms
  6. Mobile Platforms
  7. Mobile Platforms
  8. The dilemma of mobile app development
  9. Flutter For Business (CEOs - PMs )
  10. Flutter For Business (CEOs - PMs )
  11. Flutter For Business (CEOs - PMs )
  12. Flutter For Developers
  13. IOS Kernel and Device Drivers Core OS Core Services & Media OEM Widget (Material Design - Cupertino) Android
  14. Mobile Development Approaches
  15. Native Approach(Single Platform) OEM Widgets Cupertino Material Design Canvas Events Location Bluetooth Camera Sensors Java Kotlin Swift Objective-c Application Services
  16. Cross-Platform Approach
  17. Advantages Disadvantages Tech - Rich user experience - High performance - Security matter - Native API support Biz - Easy to hire - Stable codebase Tech - Two different Platforms - Two different programming languages - Not easy to maintain the same UI Biz - Double time - Double Cost - Two different teams Native Approach (Single Platform)
  18. Hybrid Approach Web View Canvas Events Location Bluetooth Camera Sensors JavaScript HTML CSS Application Services Bridge
  19. Cross-Platform Approach Canvas Events Location Bluetooth Camera Sensors Transferred Native Code Application Services FrameworklibrariesSDK OEM Widgets Cupertino Material Design C# JavaScript
  20. Cross-Platform Approach Canvas Events Location Bluetooth Camera Sensors Javascript Application Services JavascriptBridge OEM Widgets Cupertino Material Design JavaScript
  21. Flutter Approach Canvas Events Location Bluetooth Camera Sensors Native ARM Binary Code Services Platform Channels Flutter Widgets Cupertino Material Design
  22. Build beautiful apps in record time
  23. Control every pixel on the screen Make your brand come to life Never say "no" to your designer Stand out in the marketplace Win awards with beautiful UI Beautiful
  24. Fast Brings the power of a games engine to user experience development 60fps, GPU accelerated Compiled to native machine code
  25. Sub-second reload times Paint your app to life Iterate rapidly on features Test hypotheses quicker than ever More time to experiment & test features Single-codebase for faster collab 3X Productivity Gains Productive
  26. What is Flutter? Flutter is the next step in App development Speed and performance Fast , smooth performance Flexibility Customize anything - Brand first design Native look and feel Familiarity , ease of use Rapid Development Easy to learn , predictable
  27. What makes Flutter unique? - Compiles to Native Code (ARM Binary code) - No reliance on OEM widgets - No bridge needed - No markup language (only Dart)
  28. ● Language and Libraries ● Packages manager ● Virtual machine ● Compile to Javascript dart2js Batteries included
  29. Who use Dart? Google AdWords Google Fuchsia AdSense performance reports Google Fiber Mandrill AdWords for video Google internal sales tool Google internal CRM Adobe
  30. Google Fuchsia Fuchsia is a capability-based, real-time operating system (RTOS) currently being developed by Google.
  31. Confidential + Proprietary Who uses Flutter?
  32. Hamilton launched as a featured app on iOS and Android within three months of us writing our first line of Flutter code. “ ”
  33. Confidential + Proprietary
  34. >1M+ installs 500,000 MAU 160,000 DAU 65M+ Cloud Invocations 4.7 Star rating on Play
  35. “Flutter provides a modern reactive framework that enabled us to unify the codebase and teams for our Android and iOS applications. It's allowed the team to be much more productive, while still delivering a native application experience to both platforms. Stateful hot reload has been a game changer for productivity” Sridhar Ramaswamy SVP, Google Ads and Commerce
  36. Alibaba’s app incorporates Flutter to power parts of their app. Deployed to millions of devices. Alibaba praises Flutter for its consistency across platforms, the ease of generating UI code from designer redlines, and the ease with which their native developers have learned Flutter.
  37. We have 3x the bandwidth now that all of our teams are consolidated on a single code base. “ ” Much easier to hire. We now look to take the best candidate regardless if they are from Web, iOS or Android. “ ”
  38. Full frame is great, use a scrim for text.
  39. HTML/CSS Analogs in Flutter var container = new Container( // grey box child: new Text( "Lorem ipsum", style: new TextStyle( fontSize: 24.0 fontWeight: FontWeight.w900, fontFamily: "Georgia", ), ), width: 320.0, height: 240.0, color: Colors.grey[300], ); <div class="greybox"> Lorem ipsum </div> .greybox { background-color: #e0e0e0; /* grey 300 */ width: 320px; height: 240px; font: 900 24px Georgia; }
  40. Great looking and fast Widgets
  42. HotReload
  43. With Flutter no limit to your imagination!
  44. FlutterWidgetInspector
  45. $ flutter doctor Checks your environment and displays a report to the terminal window $ flutter upgrade Updates both the Flutter SDK and your packages
  46. Test - Unit testing - Widget testing - Integration testing
  47. How To install ?
  48. IDE Support?
  49. Flutter Showcase &
  50. Flutter Showcase &
  51. Flutter Showcase &
  52. Confidential + Proprietary Key component of the Google Developer family
  53. Bring your app to the the other platform Start a new app from scratch Use Flutter for a part of your app Prototype a new app idea Four ways to use Flutter today
  54. Thanks
  55. Ahmed Abu Eldahab Senior Technical Consultant Google Developer Expert in Flutter /Dahabdev