power electronics pressure measurement capacitance transducers variable inductance generator protection design of magnetic circuit magnetic circuit for synchronous machine bus classifications static load flow equations 2160902 third harmonic pwm electric welding 2160907 utilization of electrical energy & traction 2160913 closed loop speed control control of electric drives 2160908 synthesis of unsymmetrical phasors from their symm electrical power system-2 design of dc machines & transformer 2160912 design of lv winding high voltage engineering measurement of hvac 2160904 hvac supply system electrical power system 2150908 design of dc armature winding elements of electrical design 2150904 microprocessor & microcontroller interfacing 8051 microcontroller and it’s interface 2150907 2150903 principle of regenerative braking and chopper conf control system engineering root locus 2150909 web application attack and audit framework cyber security w3af discrete fourier transform k - map blue led mars orbiter mission solar energy ultrasonic analysis of phasor diagram thévenin’s theorems pumps orthographic projection change of interval contributor qualities difference between micro & macro economics condition for maximum efficiency o.c & s.c test all day efficiency sumpner or back to back test block diagram & study of voltmeter concept of digital measurement small signal analysis hybrid model for transistor equivalent circuit no-load & blocked rotor test phasor diagram poisson’s and laplace’s equation gas turbine cycle (open and closed gas turbine cyc vapour compression refrigeration system electrical power generation (2140908)
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