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Information on Pressure , Water & Screw Pump

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We have provide you information regarding pressure , water & screw pump. Its component , advantages etc. We also help you to find the right manufactures, supplier & exporter dealing in these pumps.

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Information on Pressure , Water & Screw Pump

  1. 1.               Information  On Pressure Pumps Water Pump Screw Pump
  2. 2. Pressure Pump Meaning Pressure Pump is a mechanical device used to increase the pressure energy of fluids in order to raise its level from lower to higher. This process is done by lowering the pressure in inlets and rising it to outlets.
  3. 3. Features of Pressure Pumps Flow Adjustable Pump Precise Specifications High Powered Pumps High Level of Pressure High Rate of Flow Municipal and Industrial Fluid applications
  4. 4. Application of Pressure Pumps ● Blood Pressure Monitors ● Liquid Level Control ● Liquid Dispensing ● Tank Aernation ● Air Mattress
  5. 5. Water Pumps Water Pump is an electric pump that works by creating a low pressure as water always move from a low pressure area to high. This pump has a propeller that helps to lift and transfer the water to edge where is it forced into a hose or through an opening. It is useful to empty the ponds, tanks etc.
  6. 6. Features of Water Pumps ● Fluid Supply ● Handle High, Medium and Low Pressure ● Air Cooled Method ● Electrically operated ● DC/ AC motor ● Iron, Steel and Cast Iron ● Single and Three phase
  7. 7. Screw Pumps Screw Pumps are fixed displacement pumps which are designed of screw shaped impellers used for increasing the pressure of viscous fluids. These pumps work by using the mechanical and rotational energy coming from motors and other equipments
  8. 8. Advantages of Screw Pumps ● Precise speed, simple design and rugged Structure ● Suitable to pump fluids with heavy solids and flowing residues. ● No need of pipes as Screw Pumps can draw the water directly from the surfaces. ● Screw Pumps need no control system for its performance as they automatically pumpless water when inward water level gets down. ● Screw Pumps are made of high grade carbon steel
  9. 9. Thank You For Reading  For More Information about Water, Pressure & Screw Pumps Visit:- https://www.tradeindia.com
  10. 10. Thank You For Reading  For More Information about Water, Pressure & Screw Pumps Visit:- https://www.tradeindia.com